What Is Learning Management System Software?

The fFormer U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and current president of American University Sylvia Mathews Burwell once said, “Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives.” There is much truth to this statement, especially when it comes to on-the-job training. Managers want employees to expand their knowledge and improve continuously; employees want to learn as much as they can about their company so that they can advance. 

Unfortunately, human resources professionals often find themselves caught in the middle of these demands. They already have to juggle so many tasks, and adding training to the mix certainly complicates matters. The good news is that there is a way to make learning easier and more efficient for all those involved. The solution is learning management system software. In this article, we will cover what learning management system software is, and who can benefit from it. So, what is learning management system software?

Learning management system software is a software program that stores a company’s information and is typically used for facilitating online training and eLearning. Training modules can be posted to the software, and anyone with a login and password can access them. Such software allows managers to streamline the training process while also recording and distributing valuable information from said training to the appropriate channels. It benefits everyone, from management down to the rank-and-file employees. Here is how:

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Who Does Iit Benefit?

  • Management
    • Learning management system software benefits management in a couple of ways. First, it records the results of an employee’s training and makes those results immediately available for managers to see. This is preferable to a manual training session where management would have to speak with HR to find out the results. The second benefit it presents to management is its reach. Management can even have the training sessions sent to remote workers or to other offices in different cities.
  • Human Resources
    • HR staff are most likely to benefit from learning management system software. The software goes beyond taking care of menial tasks; it also provides HR with valuable data that paints a clear picture of an employee’s performance, beyond just whether they passed or failed. Many programs show page view data and the time it took an employee to answer each question. Additionally, the data is presented in a clean, and easy-to-peruse manner, which makes the process of sending it through the proper channels much smoother. 
  • Employees
    • Learning management system software allows employees to complete training modules anytime from any place. What’s more, many learning management system software programs come with a companion mobile app that would allow employees to participate in their training even when they are away from their computers. Finally, some programs even offer special optional training modules (for management candidates, for example). That way, ambitious employees can complete these training programs on their own time, all while sending a clear signal to management that they want to get ahead.


There are many ways to train employees; technology has simply made it more efficient than ever. The best way to manage your employee training process is by investing in learning management system software. It will improve the workload of management, relieve HR departments of tedious busy work, and ensure that all employees can improve their skills and perform to the best of their ability.

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