Follow The Kiss Rule

It is no surprise that customers today are more sophisticated and tech-savvy than ever before. After all, online shopping has transformed the way the world shops. More choices, greater variety, and a high level of convenience have contributed to building superior consumer expectations.

If their expectations are not met, customers do not think again before abandoning their cart. The shorter attention-spans of the audience can also be blamed for the lack of patience customers exhibit.

On the whole, the competition is immense in the ecommerce industry. The online marketplace is teeming with businesses that wish to capture the consumer’s share of wallet. Keeping up with the consumer’s expectations and desires is a sure-fire way to secure higher revenue.

One principle that can come in handy when it comes to optimizing customer experience is KISS.

Apply The Kiss Rule

KISS is an acronym for “keep it short and simple.” According to KISS, processes work best when they are kept simple rather than made complicated.

The principle can be applied in different situations to refine processes and ensure success. In the context of content-writing, KISS can be used by making sure that the content is clear and concise. Whenever an article is dragged out, it stops engaging the user and proves irksome. Always remember that there is no point in beating around the bush.

Visual stimuli also plays a vital role in the customer journey and can determine the final purchase decision.

When it comes to the design of a website, the KISS principle dictates that simplicity should be a key design goal. A poorly designed website will not be able to maintain the viewer’s attention. The audience loses sight of what’s essential when exposed to a cluttered website. Businesses would be able to reap loads of benefits if they minimize chaos and clutter on their website.

Similarly, the more straightforward and simplified the checkout form is, the better it is for the business. Customers want to finalize their orders quickly without too many hindrances. Lengthy checkout processes are distasteful in this day and age as they overwhelm customers.

Moreover, a complex checkout process challenged the consumer’s limited attention span.

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Lengthy Checkouts Are A Nuisance

The online shopping flow should never be disregarded when designing a website.

According to the Baymard Institute, lengthy and complicated checkout processes cause about 26% of US users to abandon an order. This means that about a quarter of checkout abandonments are potentially avoidable. Simple adjustments to the checkout flow can improve the overall customer experience.

An ideal checkout flow has 12-14 form elements, but the average checkout flow contains 23.48 form elements. Therefore, it is only practical to apply the KISS principle, thereby reducing the form elements on ecommerce checkout pages.

The KISS principle also encourages a one-page checkout process in favor of a multi-page checkout process.

Businesses should seriously consider a one-page checkout. Such a page displays the product selection and checkout forms with all the critical information needed to finalize a purchase decision. Moreover, when compared to a multi-page checkout, a one-page checkout is perceived to be easier to use. Not only does it give the advantage of presenting necessary information clearly, but it also allows a faster checkout experience.

A whopping $260 billion can be recovered in the US and EU through an optimized checkout flow and design. Optimizing the checkout page is simultaneously beneficial for the business and the customer. Customer expectations are undoubtedly tilted in favor of a simpler and more optimized checkout process.

The Importance Of Understanding The Consumer

Technology is raising customer expectations at an unprecedented pace. While social media may act as a powerful promotion tool to boost business’ visibility, it certainly does not ensure customer satisfaction.

A clean and clutter-free website is a necessity in today’s online marketplace. Consumer behavior is heavily influenced by elements of a website. Moreover, when certain aspects of a site are ignored, sales are inevitably lost. Even if you have a beautiful website but if it doesn’t load in time or glitches, you may face cart-abandonment.

Customers do not hesitate before abandoning their carts because of a poorly designed checkout flow.The average cart abandonment rate is 69.57%, which can and should be reduced. A high cart abandonment rate could indicate a poorly designed checkout process. In fact, businesses should use their cart abandonment rates to understand the performance of their website. Perhaps an effective ecommerce website is only possible if it is built with a customer-centric approach.

What Are Customers’ Expectations?

Online businesses that understand consumer expectations will be able to serve their customer base.

Customers expect the following from their online shopping experience:

  • A beautiful website
  • Great product variety
  • Lower and more competitive prices
  • Seamless integration across channels
  • A streamlined payment process
  • No shipping costs
  • A personalized experience
  • Exceptional customer service

Ecommerce websites can never afford to compromise on aesthetics and functionality. The KISS principle will aid online business owners to focus on what is most essential for their store. In this regard, Kylie cosmetics is a model that ecommerce stores should follow. The simple three-step checkout allows customers to get what they need without wasting any time.

Prioritize Customer Experience

Small businesses should craft beautiful, functional websites that resonate with the audience. After all, why would a customer want to buy from a shabby webpage that doesn’t work half the time?

Online store owners should emphasize on displaying policies and product information clearly and concisely. Not only will this build the brand image, but it will also foster consumer loyalty. However, there is no way a business can refuse to understand the consumer.

Clothing is the most popular online shopping category and will naturally contribute immensely to ecommerce sales in the future. Businesses who understand their customers will be able to build a loyal fan-following easily. Acknowledging the consumer’s desire to be fashionable within a budget has enabled the Leather Skin Shop to produce engaging content.

At the end of the day, businesses should have the customers’ best interests in mind.

An advantage of a brick and mortar store is that consumers can approach and question the seller easily. Over time, the seller may be able to identify and develop a relationship with regular customers. Online businesses should strive to bring a more personalized experience onboard for their audience as shoppers expect it.

Keep it short and simple. Focus on your customer, and you will never regret it.

Final Thoughts

In this cluttered world, simplicity is the way to go.

Chaotic multi-page ecommerce checkout pages can dissuade the customer from finalizing online purchases.

Businesses should use the KISS principle or ‘keep it short and simple.’ Not only is this principle highly advisable, but it also gives better results. Whether it be through more compelling content or a better-performing checkout experience, businesses will always benefit from reducing complexity.

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