If you have already started your business or entrepreneurial project, surely you know the importance of leads to create a quality relationship with potential customers and generate more sales. To achieve this, one of the best strategies is content marketing , which can help you attract traffic for free, get your audience’s attention and get data from potential buyers .Produce quality content is an essential pillar to obtain organic traffic, that is, without having to spend money with ads. And, above all, attract leads that are really interested in your proposal. In this post we will show you what content marketing is and how it can help you get qualified leads, become a reference in your market niche and create a good relationship with your audience.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a digital marketing technique that consists of creating and publishing relevant, original and valuable content to attract and attract the attention of a certain defined target audience, in order to get more customers and increase sales volume.

This strategy is a way to get people who enter the Internet to search for content related to your market niche to find your page and begin to see you as an authority and as a possible solution to their problems .To help you understand better, imagine that you are selling an online course that teaches how to cook healthily for children.

 You can create a blog with healthy recipes, ideas of light snacks and tips to educate the little ones to eat well .If parents who have doubts about the subject start looking for answers on Google and find good content on your site, they will probably start visiting your page frequently and see you as the expert you are. Besides helping to attract leads, content marketing is also very useful to improve your brand image and visibility, generate direct and close relationships with users in a very natural way and improve the positioning of your site or blog in search engines.Now, before starting to delve into the different ways in which you can do content marketing, it is necessary to make clear what the leads are. We do not want to leave you with doubts!At some point, you can leave your contact information (to subscribe to your newsletter, for example) and with that information in hand you can create a stronger relationship with your followers, until they feel ready to buy your course.

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What Are Leads?

A lead is someone who comes in contact with your brand and offers you personal information in exchange for some content or an offer.The leads are characterized by being willing to leave their personal contacts and that means they already know you and are open to receiving messages from you.  Before starting to work on content marketing to attract leads, it is important to be clear about what they represent for your brand or business. Not all people who follow your brand on the Internet are considered leads, some are simply visitors, but the leads have something very special: they are people within your reach, you have their email or even their mobile phone number to send them content and develop strategies that help you turn them into customers.

How Does Content Marketing Help You Get Leads?

Content marketing is not something new. This technique has been used for many years by large companies with broad visibility in the market, but it is now when small businesses and even digital entrepreneurs have begun to harness the power of content to succeed in the digital world.This technique is a way to become a reference in your niche market and to create a good relationship with your audience, but also, it also allows you to get leads.Offering complete and in-depth materials that help solve the problems and pains of your buyer can help boost your sales.How to achieve it? Very easy. The idea is to offer these materials in exchange for certain information that will be of great value to you: your email.Other strategic information can also be requested, such as age or location, but this varies according to the nature of each business. Obviously, the more information you have, the better content you can send, because they will be much more personalized.

What Type Of Content You Can Create?

There are several ways to do content marketing, each of them is aimed at a particular audience, so adding them to the strategy is ideal to extend the scope of it.And the best part is that most of them can be developed for free. Let’s see what they are:


An ebook is a book in digital format that is offered to the user for free or paid. Its predominant content is written, although it can also contain images, graphics and flow diagrams to enrich the subject. It is one of the most used ways to convert visitors into leads because it has the great advantage of being adaptable to different devices. Preparing a digital book of some topic that may interest your potential client and offering it in exchange for certain data is a very easy way to create a list of leads with which you can then develop other marketing strategies. Some of the advantages of e books is that production is much simpler compared to other content formats, just use a text editing tool such as Word or Google Docs and dedicate time to writing to make a good digital book. Other advantages of the e book are the following: they can cover a lot of subjects, they occupy little space of storage, they allow to demonstrate your knowledge or authority in the niche and to strengthen relations with your public.

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Online Courses

As we mentioned earlier, a large percentage of people who visit the Internet daily do so with the intention of educating themselves and learning new things. So, why not educate them and turn them into leads at the same time? The online courses , as the name itself says, are courses that consist of videos by which the content is transmitted and taught. These courses are a way to get quality leads through a more complete and elaborated material. Creating an online course requires more effort and organization on your part. Here are some steps to create your first online course: Define what you are going to teach and be very clear about the objectives of the course, the deadlines to develop each activity, who will help you and the place where you will record your classes. Create your script Avoid using too technical or sophisticated language so as not to bore your users. Divide the content into sections or modules. And be yourself! This will give a unique and natural touch to your course. Obtain the necessary equipment: stage, camera, microphone and lighting.

Record your video classes and edit them


The format in audio is also a good way to get those leads that remain busy or also, those looking for much more practical and easy to digest formats.Your users can listen to your content while they exercise or while waiting for the bus. Is not this the most practical thing in the world? Another advantage of content in audio format is that you do not have to worry about design or aesthetics. An example of audio that you can offer is the content of a post on your blog, but narrated.


Podcasts are audio files transmitted on the Internet that basically work like a digital radio. Unlike other content formats, podcasts are made only to be heard and have become a great way to attract leads thanks to its ease to be played. Likewise, podcasts represent a fun and genuine way to approach the user, generate confidence, provide solutions in a dynamic way and reach those leads that want to consume content while doing another activity.


A webinar is a type of conference, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Internet. It is one of the formats of content that has more conversion power, the magic of live has the ability to convert cold leads to customers quickly.However, this is a content format that may require a little more preparation and equipment (but, fortunately, there are platforms such as Go To Webinar, Webinar Jam or Webinar Ninja with which you can create quality webinars at a very low price)

Info Graphics

An info graphic is an explanation made through an image. It is a resource that can be very useful to educate your readers and convert them into leads through a simple, economical and very easy to digest content .Why use info graphics in your lead attraction strategy? Because they have the power to any content into something very interesting, they are simple to use and also can be adapted to any type of content.


Suppose you are undertaking as you tuber and dedicate yourself to making videos giving advice and guidance to people on how to organize their finances. So, an attractive way to attract leads and get your data would be by offering templates or templates to organize your personal finances, control your expenses or create budgets in exchange for your data and information.

Do You See How Easy It Can Be To Offer Useful And Quality Content?

What To Do With The Obtained Leads?

This does not end when the leads are obtained. In fact, it is here when the work is just beginning .Once the leads are obtained it is important to nourish them and “feed them” valuable content to keep them happy and sell much more. This is what we commonly know as lead nutrition .Lead nutrition means maintaining an active relationship with potential customers and people interested in your products until they feel ready to make a purchase.  This technique basically consists of sending a sequence of emails with contents appropriate to the stage in which the lead is located to demonstrate the authority in the segment and demonstrate that your solution is the ideal solution for the problem it faces.

Some general tips to nourish leads are: Choose a platform or mass emailing tool suitable to nourish your leads. Ideally, this process should be automated.Identify what type of content can be most useful for your leads. Send useful information that can be used and really are of interest to these people.Monitor the results of each email sent, analyze and repeat those actions that bring good results.Content is king when it comes to obtaining customers in the digital world. Tell us, what do you think of these ideas of content marketing formats to attract leads?And if you still do not have very clear how to nurture the obtained leads, do not worry, in this post we tell you everything about the subject.

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