Booky A Smart Way To Manage Our Favorite Links

Those who have been in this “web news” for more than ten years will surely remember, the web that we used to store and classify links, born in September 2003 and died several times until its total disappearance. Delicious was born because people needed to save links and share them, and it offered the possibility to share them with other people and even to see what people most kept as favorites within the public lists. Many clones were born, many of which disappeared, and now, in full 2019, an option with a similar goal is born: It is an application that wants us to have our markers available everywhere, a service of mobile and desktop markers with a chrome plugin to facilitate access to information.

With Booky we can store our favorite links online on our private and customizable bookmarks page, organizing them into categories and control panels.With the mobile version we can also access the bookmarks from anywhere, and even import the existing browser bookmarks, to save work in the migration.They promise that all our links remain confidential and are only accessible to each user, and add feedback options so that we can help them grow with new features, as well as warn of possible errors or make general comments about the platform.