How to Repost the Video on Instagram

Do you like other people’s posts on Instagram? Want to share on your timeline? But don’t know how to do that? Yes, it is somewhat tricky. Unlike other social media apps sharing content on this platform is somewhat different. You don’t get any retweet or share option direct. Rather you have to use some trick to repost the photos or such stuff from Instagram. There are mainly two short ways to repost the appealing content on your timeline. These are

Taking Screenshots

The best way to repost the photos to your profile is by a taking screenshot. It is very easy to take the picture. Just click volume down and power switch simultaneously to capture an image. Then crop it, and share it on your timeline. It is the simplest way to repost photos and get likes from your friends.

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Reposting by getting the permission of the host

Another way to repost videos is by using the app that helps in doing so. No matter how you share and what source you adopt you have to take the permission of the host. For this, you have to follow three simple steps. 

  • First, send the URL if the video in a direct message to the host. 
  • Comment on the video and start a conversation
  • After that contact through emails and get the original stuff after getting permission. 
  • Now repost the particular video on your timeline and get likes for that stuff.
  • You can use any specific app to repost the video on your timeline. For this purpose, you have to click on”… ” to copy the URL. Then paste on the reposting app. It will save the link on the Instagram clipboard. 
  • Now edit the caption according to your requirement. You can set the reminder that when you want to repost it. The app reminder will send notification about the posting of the video.
  • Now share your video and wait for the response. 

Sharing other people post on Instagram is somewhat illegal especially if you don’t get permission from the host. So before reposting any content get permission. No matter you are using an external app for reposting link seeking permission is important. Get the URL officially and repost to gain the attraction of your Instagram followers 

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Things To Focus

To use other apps for reposting purpose it is important to consider some factors. Make sure the source you are using is authentic. It has good reviews and people trust the particular app for reposting videos on Instagram. Check the reviews first. Moreover, the app must be spam-free as well as add free so you don’t get any trouble while using such a source. Try to use the app that has positive reviews and immediately provides you access to get permission for reposting of the videos,

Don’t be in hurry in choosing the right source first do some homework and find the genuine source to repost the content on Instagram.

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