How Paper Samples Can Help You Write Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered how the experts at the BuyEssay writing service manage to create so powerful essays? And the answer lies in a rather straightforward practice – reading samples. This smart trick is extremely effective when it comes to learning how to write professional academic papers. Through studying samples, you will get to know the fundamental principles of academic writing and grasp the core idea of why papers are written. Thereupon, we invite you to take a look at the sample we have prepared for you.

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Can Humanity Get Rid of the Internet and Continue Developing?

The modern development of humanity at first glance seems to be at a complete standstill thanks to the Internet. Issues such as children wanting to become YouTubers and the Internet’s own carbon footprint clearly affect humanity at an increasing scale. However, the Internet has been greatly beneficial to humanity, and getting rid of it in order to continue its development would not result in a beneficiary outcome.
With the use of the Internet, we simultaneously perform many tasks that were not possible some years ago. Sadly, many of those include the constant use of YouTube, and recently “more than three-quarters of youngsters say they’d consider a career in online videos”. The use of YouTube, however, is still very new; in order to have a more definitive look into its effects, more time will need to pass.
Another important issue is the Internet’s carbon footprint on humanity. Recent studies show that merely watching YouTube videos in one year has resulted in carbon emissions ”similar to the number of greenhouse gases emitted by a city the size of Frankfurt or Glasgow”. However, measures such as “calculating the carbon footprint for digital waste” and others are taken into consideration for this particular issue.
It is crucial to keep in mind that “innovative technologies created by humans to benefit themselves, are among the principal drivers of changes in the human condition”. The creation of the Internet, together with the lessons learned from the use of YouTube and the Internet’s carbon footprint, can only expand the use of the Internet’s innovative and educational aspects and further the continuous evolution of humanity.

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