eCommerce Marketing Hacks: How To Customize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Using eCommerce marketing hacks to personalize your marketing campaigns is the quickest way to boost sales. Read below for the best hacks available.

Top eCommerce Marketing Hacks & How To Work Smarter And Not Harder

Creating a resilient and successful business nowadays requires catering to higher customer expectations and demands than ever before. eCommerce is a fast-growing industry, and most thriving companies recognize the importance of customizing and personalizing their email marketing campaigns. E-commerce marketing hacks allow entrepreneurs to organize their time better and achieve success in their business efforts and for this Kasandz will help you out to get the best results.

Expert marketers worldwide agree that email personalization has numerous benefits for their campaigns. For example, many professionals reported a 20% sales boost due to personalized campaigns, and 74% of industry personnel reported more outstanding customer engagement thanks to targeted customization. Additionally, 33% of marketers chose “customization” as the quintessential criteria for marketing in the future. We’ll take a look at three levels of email campaign customization:

  • Fundamental tactics
  • Intermediate strategies
  • Advanced customization methods.

eCommerce Marketing Hacks: Fundamental Email Tips & Tricks

Email newsletter-type marketing is the go-to resource for most professionals focusing on fundamental customization methods. However, as a rule of thumb, most such marketers typically lack the resources to rely on email customization heavily. Regardless, these individuals can boost their engagement metrics and maximize results with several fundamental tactics. Two such tactics include customizing the “from” name and subject field in their emails.

Email Origin/Sender/”From” Name

The moment your email lands in your subscriber’s mailbox, the sender’s (your) name represents one of the campaign’s most apparent elements. Most mobile and desktop clients recognize the importance of this aspect for users. As a result, this field frequently features a heavier font or larger text to ensure effortless identification of the sender before the client opens the email.

When it comes to fundamental eCommerce marketing hacks, focusing on this factor can be beneficial. For example, some studies indicate that more than two-thirds of Americans consider the “from” name a crucial aspect when deciding whether to open an email. Therefore, instead of just including your business’ name, customize this field by having an actual account manager or individual sales representative’s name. 

Email Subject Field

This field usually sits directly below the email sender area and is equally well displayed in the mailbox. Similar to the “from” name, the subject field also stands out by incorporating a heavier and darker text than the other details. 

Regarding the subject field’s effect on email open rates, your subject line is just as prominent as the sender information. As a result, you can boost your email open rates by 26% merely by including the recipient’s first name in the subject field.

Intermediate Email Customization Strategies

More experienced marketers understand the importance of fostering higher engagement levels and highly optimized digital marketing strategies. In other words, these professionals know how vital it can be to a business to nurture deep consumer relationships, which is one of the most critical eCommerce marketing hacks. 

Such strategies include the content of each email, the text, using images, including flexible content, and boosting repetitive engagement.

Email-Specific Content

On the one hand, you now understand the importance of the subject field and sender information in each email campaign. On the other, your email campaigns’ body content can also serve as an effective tool for increasing the click-through rate and overall relevancy for recipients.

The Text

Even the text in your email campaigns can undergo customer-specific tailoring. This process can be quick if your email list contains information on the subscriber’s company, name, or even shoe or clothing sizes. Although most marketers stick with customization in terms of the subscriber’s first name, you have virtually countless options. These options include their birthday, apparel size, gender, etc., which you can use to craft custom email campaigns.


Imagery in email campaigns is one of the oldest eCommerce marketing hacks in the book. It can be critical to ensure your emails appeal to specific subscribers to a higher level. In addition, you can play around with your campaign images to change them dynamically.

The email click-through rate is a metric that’s highly responsive to using images in email campaigns. For example, some sources indicate that you can have up to 29% more click-throughs in your campaigns by personalizing the pictures to the subscribers’ location. 

Flexible Content

Innovative companies also use customers’ geographic and demographic data. This way, they customize their email campaign offers to specific target audiences. When looking to increase the appeal and relevancy of your entire campaign, you can even custom-tailor entire content sections within every email.

For instance, targeting female subscribers with womenswear offers and male subscribers with menswear is the most typical example of this tactic. 

Repetitive Engagement

Getting prospects to convert to paying customers is excellent. But, getting the same individuals to come back for more is even better. When it comes to tried and tested eCommerce marketing hacks for your ecommerce business, there is no greater wisdom than repetitive sales. 

If you have inactive subscribers, a convenient way to reheat the connection can be to craft a re-engagement campaign. The goal can be to check whether they would still like to keep in touch with your business. Other examples include asking them for feedback, sending thank-you notes, and also special promos. 

Repetitive Engagement Problems

Targeting the same audience, over and over again can be problematic when it comes to email marketing. Why? Well, a non-responsive audience raises all kinds of alerts, one thing can lead to another one – and your email address can get blocked in no time. Don’t even try it. Believe us on this one. The best case scenario is that your emails end up in a spam folder. And you’ll agree with us on this one – it is not really the best scenario or something you were hoping for. That is why you should consider using different website plugins, tools and apps that can help you send and then resend your materials. One of the tools we would recommend is Constant Contact, or any other similar web tool that can help you reach your audience without being blocked. Give this tactic a try, and sooner than later you will see a much better response rate. Why? Well, your emails will be delivered. Simple as that.

Advanced Customization Methods

Advanced email customization is a favorite among marketers who utilize campaign automation. The end result is creating a remarkably personalized experience, and many professionals achieve this goal by using data from other sources. These sources sometimes include website behavior, eCommerce platform, CRM, or the email service provider. Such techniques involve recommending specific products and loyalty or VIP offers.

Recommending Specific Products

Using this email marketing tactic successfully is to focus on a customer’s browsing history or recent purchases. You can attempt to up-sell or cross-sell various products or services, but this method creates a user-specific targeted approach. Countless eCommerce and retail sites use this tactic to increase customers’ lifetime value. These businesses nurture long-term relationships with real-time targeted content.

Loyalty/VIP Offers

You can set up your automation software to send special offers to your clients when they become VIPs. There are various triggers you can choose for such campaigns. A specific spending threshold is one of the most famous examples.

One of the most common eCommerce marketing hacks includes automating emails. For instance, you can automate emails to differentiate between a customer who exceeds the spending threshold and one that does not. Consequently, you can customize each customer’s journey according to their behavior, resulting in higher revenue and more robust engagement.