5 Ways to Measure up Your Managed It Service Provider

Mirat.ai provides Managed Services that help the clients stop worrying about their IT departments but help them focus energies on the business’s strategic initiatives. In today’s digitally ensembled business environment, IT departments are challenged to do more than maintain their current infrastructure, applications, and operations but also make strategic contributions.

Companies Challenge IT to:

• Open IT resources to strategic objectives

• Enhance its cost structure

• Provide business optimal service levels

 • Mitigate infrastructure and system risk

Sleepless over IT issues and looking to collaborate with an IT service provider? You can take a leap of faith OR understand the qualities your managed IT service provider should have.

Managed services give a response to:

The Managed Services give external resources for IT infrastructure planning, operation, and optimization. Service providers have established systems and methods to constantly monitor performance, diagnose problems proactively and rectify problems. Easy access to infrastructure, systems, and application knowledge is a key feature of an efficient service program.

Key service agreements include:

• support for 24x7x365

• Real-time monitoring

• Special knowledge infrastructure and applications

• Emergency and emergency plans

• Life cycle and plan and deploy upgrades

These solutions assist companies in liberating themselves from everyday activities. The solutions managed include administration of systems, management and support of operations, device management, and recovery services.

The major advantages of Managed Services are:

• Minimized downtime

• Cost reduction

• Specialized experience

• Access to the best in IT technology


The world’s most powerful IT gear requires robust infrastructure management solutions, and without comprehensive infrastructure management systems, they are just bare-metal.

Good infrastructure management tools function as a force multiplier – they increase and focus the power of their controlled resources. When used properly, it will be easier to manage, deploy and modify your infrastructure to benefit your organization. Here are five methods to make your life easier with a decent infrastructure management tool.

1. Faster deployment of infrastructure

With the refresh period of the server shrinking from five to three years, you are more likely to deploy and set up new infrastructure than you have done before. Companies must prevent downtimes and application failures while maintaining and upgrading infrastructure. Tools for infrastructure management assist you in detecting and provide the exact needs for an application, saving installation and configuration time.

2. Simplification of operations

Legacy hardware and apps add unneeded complexity—and 90% of businesses think that their growth is stifled. A smart management solution should identify the redundancies and failure points caused by traditional systems – and allow administrators to remove them from the loop, simplifying the data center.

3. Improve productivity

At least 58% of employees report that sluggish implementation damages their productivity at least once a week. A management system that exposes and rectifies under-resourced apps or over-capacity networks can increase a company’s efficiency – making it more served for your customers.

4. Enable seamless integration

Simple modifications might have unwelcome consequences in a sophisticated technology setting. For example, because you have applied a security patch that has unforeseen repercussions, you don’t want to cause problems with your infrastructure. To do this, you need a tool that works holistically, one that can “see” the whole data center and anticipate how the interlocking systems influence each other.

5. Your Entire Infrastructure Dashboard

A good system for IT infrastructure management allows managers to oversee their entire data center with a single screen. Our Triage live poll module can differentiate between your existing system and the MIRAT triage system. One centralized administrative control panel to access any browser, and this feature helps in reducing resource expenses plus speeds up the resolution aspect. If you want to avoid duplication of scripts or tickets within your organization, our trial tool is your perfect ally.