Digital marketing isn’t just one specific thing. It’s many things all lumped into one heading of “digital marketing” and sometimes that can be deceiving. If you aren’t a digital marketing experts, you might think posting on social media is all you need to do to be a digital marketer. In truth, digital marketing campaigns take a lot of time and effort and it goes beyond just posting online.

There are so many facets to digital marketing that there are even agencies and individuals that focus on only one or two things. Have you ever heard of a social media manager? That’s someone who has focused their digital marketing expertise in making sure your social media posts and engagement are the right strategies for your company on each platform. 

If you aren’t sure what digital marketing strategies are out there, you definitely aren’t aloneSpeak with the SEO experts like SocialSellinator that understand your business goals and knows how to find a solution to your concerns.Using the phrase “digital marketer” is so often uses as a blanket term that no one thinks much of it anymore. However, it’s good to know the different options out there, so here are five types of digital marketing you should know about. 

1. SEO Management

If you aren’t familiar with what SEO is or what it even means, that’s ok. It’s tossed around a lot and not everyone using the acronym is entirely sure what it means either. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and it’s how search engines learn what your webpage is about. 

Proper SEO use means your webpage is going to rank higher and be easier to find when people are searching for something related to your product or brand. The methodology of SEO is the same across the board. Someone doing Boston SEO services is using the same tips and tricks as someone doing SEO across the country. 

SEO content can feel a little repetitive when you’re writing it because it can sound redundant. Web pages look for the density of keywords to determine if a page is related to the topic they think it is. For example, if you write a post about Smurfs and only mention the word “Smurf” one time, it’s unlikely your page will get ranked well for that topic. 

Understanding how SEO works, even if you hire someone else to handle your digital marketing means you are one step ahead of the game. SEO management is one of the biggest ways you can drive organic traffic to your site because it will rank higher when people search related terms. 

2. Mobile-Friendly Marketing

Your site, and any apps you might have need to be able to be optimized on a mobile environment. That means it should look good even if someone is on a tablet or a phone. Sometimes people forget about this when they’re developing a digital marketing plan and it backfires big time. 

Over 50% of internet users are now operating from a mobile device. If you aren’t optimizing everything you use to reach your customers to be mobile-friendly you’re going to miss out. Competitors of yours already know and have implemented mobile-based sites or apps. Don’t be left behind. 

If you’ve got the manpower to do it yourself that’s great. Otherwise, this is another area where you’re going to want to hire a digital marketer. When you’re talking to potential digital marketers ask them about how they handle mobile optimization. If they can’t do it themselves it’s likely they have someone on reserve to handle that for you.

3. Content Marketing

Have you ever read a blog post or article that links back to a company’s website if you look closely enough? That’s content marketing. With this type of marketing, digital marketers reach out to blogs or other websites with high volumes of traffic and followers. They offer to write guest blog posts or articles, and within the content link to companies that need more exposure online. 

This is a wonderful type of marketing and it’s not sneaky at all. It’s something every digital marketing agency uses. The key is to provide high-quality content so the readers don’t look at it and immediately dub it as spam and move on. Content marketing should focus on things that match the tone or website of the blog they’re hoping to post on. 

4. SEM Marketing

This is different from SEO marketing. With SEM (search engine marketing) you’re just flat out paying for the exposure. You can pay websites like Google to post your link ahead of others (although it will be marked as an ad or sponsored content) in search results. It gives you top billing and extra exposure. 

Using SEM marketing could be a good idea depending on what your individual or company goals are. Sometimes consumers tend to skip over those obviously ad-based links, assuming they have no true value. You’ll want to find a good balance of content and attention-grabbing copy to make sure your SEM links aren’t skipped over. 

5. Social Media Marketing

No list of digital marketing types would be complete without discussing social media. Social media marketing is very handy when you’re trying to engage with customers. If you’re launching a new product or want instant feedback, nothing is going to beat out social media for instant responses. 

While you’re working on your social media strategy remember that you can also pay to place adds on platforms. Just make sure you’re placing adds (or boosting posts) that make sense for you and your brand. You wouldn’t want to pay for an ad on Instagram (a mostly picture-based platform) if your service or product doesn’t look great in photographs. 

If you use social media marketing efficiently it can work well. There are social media managers out there (as you’ve already read about) who can help you figure out what’s best platform-wise as well as what kind of personae you want to adopt online. If you can’t figure these things out for yourself and then put in the time to maintain it, get a social media manager. It will save you a ton of time and a lot of headaches. 


Being aware of the various digital marketing types out there makes you a more informed consumer. You’ll be able to look at a list like this and decide what you can and cannot handle on your own. As you figure out what you need help with you’ll have a good idea of what kind of digital marketer you need. Being informed is going to pay off when your digital marketing efforts start bringing in new customers and you watch your profits rise.