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Torrents have brought the entire gamut of books at our doorstep. All you need is a single tap, and you can take home all the books you do not have the budget to buy. From buying grocery to seeking paperhelp from online tutors, most things are digital in this era of the World Wide Web. So, how can the good old books be left behind? Even though millions of avid readers still rely on the brick and mortar concept to satisfy their book-reading desires, printed books are often expensive. Also, the novels and classics take up a lot of space, especially while travelling. Over time, their digital counterparts have become a convenient option for most scholars and bookworms who prefer to read on the go.

Books serve as a treasure trove of data. Today, most books have been digitized and can be read online for free. However, the Amazon or Kindle versions are quite expensive and will quickly burn a hole in your pocket (if you are an avid book reader). So, how can you satisfy those book-reading cravings of yours? This is where the eBook torrent sites come into play.

Torrents are a goldmine for those sincere bibliophiles. Numerous torrent sites have been serving as free sources for accessing a wide variety of games, software, music, movies, and of course, eBooks. However, not all torrent sites are authentic and most have been blocked by the government off your country. To make things a little easier for you,I have listed out some of the best eBooks torrenting sites of 2021

Top 10 eBook Torrenting Sites of 2021

#1.The Pirate Bay

This is one of the most reliable and popular Bit Torrent sites with a clean and simple user interface. While very few websites can survive the crackdown of copyright infringement authorities, The Pirate Bay continues to operate in full swing (despite being closed down multiple times).  The website will greet you with a massive collection of eBooks ranging across a wide array of genres like sci-fi, travel guides, contemporary, fantasy and several others. However, The Pirate Bay is blocked in many countries, and you might need to install a VPN before you proceed with the download process.

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In case you face trouble in accessing the website, here’s a list of alternatives for you to choose from.

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It is one of the best-known sites for eBooks. In the era of strict piracy surveillance, RARBG has successfully maintained its popularity among st the bibliophiles. is one of the most reliable eBook torrent sites that continue to run without any hitches. Since it was created in 2008, the website has maintained a vast collection of eBooks spanning across all genres like thriller, horror, romance and more.

In the continuous effort to gain more and more traffic, it turned into one of the most active communities around the world.

#3.Planet eBook

Are you a fan of classics? Then you must look no further and visit Planet eBook right now. Though it isn’t as big as other popular websites, it surely is one of the fastest-growing eBook torrenting sites of 2019. Its vast collection of over 50,000 titles that will surely leave you spoilt for choice.

The books on this platform are available in multiple formats like MOBI, PDF and the smooth user interface is really commendable.

In my opinion, this site can be your best choice if you are looking for nothing else other than eBooks. From Cooking, History, Biography, Business, Computers, to Self- help and fiction, this website literally covers all the genres under the sun. You can also access academic textbooks as well as Audiobooks via this website.

The best aspect of this website is that it provides a platform for budding e-Book writers to publish their work.


As the name suggests, this website is a colossal library of free books. It covers almost all the genres like Academic, Classics, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Textbooks as well as Audiobooks. All these genres are divided into sub-genres like Mystery, Drama, Short Stories, Poetry, Beauty, Business, Career, Fitness, Web Design, Robotics, Religion, etc.

Moreover, this amazing website also gives you the option to choose your preferred format in which you wish to download a book (Kindle, PDF, EPUB or Txt file).

This is another site that caters specifically to eBook lovers. Students highly prefer this website as it covers almost all the academic genres like Science, Engineering, Computer Programming and others. This extensive library (with more than 90 categories) comprises of a horde of genres which include architecture, fiction, engineering, audio books, astronomy, DIY, hardware, computers, graphics, psychology and many more.

You will be able to browse through categories like “Wanted”, “Most Popular”, “Expired” and “Selections”.

EBookee is an e-book-centric torrent site with a myriad of categories like tech, tutorials, non-fiction, novels, magazines, newspaper and much more. One of their most significant features that really stand out from the rest is their sub-category system that makes it a lot easier to pick a book of your choice.

The books are classified into respective groups like; “Top 10 eBooks” “Top 10 Users” “Recently Viewed EBooks” and “Latest added eBooks.”

Did the very word ‘wiki’ pique your interest level instantly? Well, though Wikibooks doesn’t really have anything to do with Wikipedia, it surely serves as one of the largest databases for books. One of its unique features is that it gives you access to books in various languages like Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish, French Portuguese and many more. Just pick a language, type in the title of the book, and read on.

Want to delve right into the reading process without the hectic registration procedures? This site hosts over 33000 free eBook titles on varies genres. The website gives you access to a vast pool of eBooks in ePUB and PDF format. You will be able to browse through categories like Genres, Authors, Featured Authors, Language, Titles, Popular, and Recommended. Each of these categories is subdivided into sub-genres as well.

Its high quality, fast speed downloading service coupled with the user-friendly interface will let you satisfy your book reading cravings in a jiffy.

This is one of the largest torrent search engines and directories on the net. The website provides you with verified and up-to-date torrents and has over 500k eBooks on their site. You will get to enjoy a free trial period as well (during which you can access categories like music, software, anime, eBooks and many more). You will also get assorted magazines and the latest novels for free in Torrentoff.

Each of these top 10 torrent sites contains a massive stock of eBooks that the readers can explore as per their convenience. However, there is a worldwide war against torrents at present. Most of the ISPs are instructed to block all torrent activity. But there’s no need for you to worry. Just keep in mind that there are hundreds of and proxy sites (and secure VPN gateways) through which you can access torrent websites.

In case your ISP has been blocked, just use a VPN and keep reading all that your heart desires.

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