Benefits of Having a Mobile Application for Your Business

Businesses are developing to stay on the wave of new technologies and respond to innovations that can make it more effective. Creating your mobile application for business is a big decision. It requires dedicated time investment and resources.

In this article, we are going to tell you in detail about what are the benefits of developing mobile apps? We have collected some of them.

The constant trend of increasing the number of mobile device users:

The popularity of mobile Internet is rapidly growing in the world. The number of Internet users of mobile devices has long exceeded user traffic from personal computers. Global mobile data traffic shortly will grow with an average annual growth rate of 57% for 2014-2019, according to Cisco. The growth of mobile technology opens up a vast new market of opportunities for any business, including small ones.

Ideal for Smartphones and Tablets:

According to studies,a large percentage of failures is receiving by sites that are not adaptive for mobile devices. Getting all the information from the small screen of a mobile device is inconvenient due to the small scale. Mobile application interfaces are initially developed taking into account the consumption of data from small screens. The application structure is optimized for comfortable navigation, and all the necessary information is easily accessible. The benefits of mobile application makes the most of the features available only for the smartphone, such as calls, location, push notifications, and others.

Important marketing channel

Using smartphones and tablets to search, explore, and buy products become trend now. Almost all the big and small brands are targeting smartphones or tablet users to promote their products and services due to their user-friendliness. The advantage of the mobile application is very easy for them. They have to install the app in which they are interested, and it is for these people that you will post new information, promotions, and special offers. Plus, after installing the application, your icon will appear on the main screen of the user for advertising contact. The brands only one “tap” away to access the goods and services of your company.

Constant, Fast and Inexpensive Contact with Your Client:

A mobile device is with a person for almost 24 hours a day. It is ina personal connection with your customers. Here you can make fast, constant, and inexpensive contact with your client and approach new customers to see your products and services. The person who is using your mobile application is more likely to make repeat purchases, as he is your direct target audience. However, push notifications should be used when something significant happens in the application, and the announcement tied to time and place, useful information.

Customer Engagement in Your Business:

By using a mobile app, your customers will be able to use your loyalty programs more actively, discount offers, and promotions. Through these mobile apps, you can receive customer’s reviews about the work of your institution, service, staff, the quality of goods, and services. It is appropriate to implement viral mechanics with game elements in the application; for example, the ability to receive discounts and bonuses for active participation in a marketing campaign. In reports on interaction in the app, you will always know how the interest of users inside the application has changed.

Mobile Search Promotion Bonus:

People use mobile devices more often than PC, and this leads to specific changes in their preferences. For several years now, we have seen a significant increase in the mobile Internet audience worldwide. Successful business development is taking IT companies in UAE to trend analysis and optimization for mobile devices. According to Google statistics, 39% of mobile device users make a purchase from them, 55% look for products or services using their smartphones in order to make a further purchase. If your business is not mobile adapted, Google will artificially lower the site’s position in search results, which threatens with a sharp loss of traffic and a decrease in the influx of new customers.

Mobile system SMS for Customers:

Mobile systems are created to interact with customers. For example, notifying customers about the location of nearest offices or points of sale, communicating information about lucrative offers, and the ability to purchase products or services through a mobile application, a channel for feedback from customers, building a customer community for communication with each other, and so on. A set of functions of a mobile application, based on the needs of customers. A mobile app should first of all cover tasks that must be solved quickly, “on the run,” or those that often arise, regularly, almost every day, or those that require specific mobile capabilities, for example, Geo-location.