5 Best Fiber Internet Providers In 2020

Looking for a super-fast internet with superior bandwidth and unwavering reliability? If you live in an urban area, look no further than to your local fiber internet providers! Fiber internet offers significantly faster internet download / upload speeds, bandwidth, and reliability over any other type of internet available on the market. If you’re a heavy internet user or simply rely on your internet connection for work or entertainment, fiber internet is for you. Here are our top 5 fiber internet providers available in the United States. If you find one you like, just be sure to check their availability first before you commit to your new internet service.

1.       Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS is arguably one of the most well-known fiber internet providers available in the country and they’re the most widely available as far as fiber internet service goes. We’ve ranked Verizon FiOS first of all fiber internet providers because of their high customer satisfaction ratings, new customer deals and the ability to bundle with their Verizon Wireless mobile service.

Verizon FiOS Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
200 Mbps Internet$39.99/Mo.200 Mbps
400 Mbps Internet$59.99/Mo.400 Mbps
Gigabit Internet$79.99/Mo.940 Mbps

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2.       CenturyLink

CenturyLink, mostly known for their DSL and “Price For Life” plans is one of very few internet providers that you can get gigabit internet without having to sign a contract. We’ve ranked CenturyLink second on our list because if it’s available at your address, it’s a pretty good deal. CenturyLink fiber is a true ‘fiber to the home’ internet service and offered in many cities that are not covered by Verizon FiOS.

CenturyLink Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
Price For Life Internet$49/Mo.100 Mbps
Fiber Gigabit Internet$65/Mo.940 Mbps

3.       MetroNet

MetroNet Internet is true 100% ‘fiber to the home’ internet with no contracts and unlimited data. We’ve ranked MetroNet third on our list because their availability is somewhat limited to the Midwest, but they’re always expanding. MetroNet is one of few internet providers that are open and honest about their current construction status in any of their upcoming cities.

MetroNet Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
100/100 Mbps Internet$49.95/Mo.100 Mbps
200/200 Mbps Internet$59.95/Mo.200 Mbps
500/500 Mbps Internet$69.95/Mo.500 Mbps
1/1 Gbps Internet$89.95/Mo.1 Gbps

4.       RCN

RCN is available in six major cities across the US that is known for their commitment to providing superior customer service, including being on time when you need a RCN technician. We’ve rated RCN fourth on our list because their internet service can be difficult to get unless you happen to live in the middle of one of the few lucky cities they’re available in. While RCN is generally a good choice for internet service and tends to be fairly priced; their service isn’t 100% fiber to the home. RCN is a hybrid fiber coaxial network and with that, their plans, prices and policies vary greatly by location due to their fiber lines being patched into existing cable lines they’ve acquired from other now defunct providers.

RCN Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
250 Mbps Internet$34.99/Mo.250 Mbps
500 Mbps Internet$34.99/Mo.500 Mbps
Gig Internet$49.99/Mo.940 Mbps

5.       Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Bell is very committed to keeping the residents of Cincinnati connected with great high speed internet at home and on the go with their 700+ Fioptics Wi-Fi hotspots stationed around the city. We’ve ranked Cincinnati Bell fifth on our list because their internet service is great, but unless you live in Cincinnati, OH or very close to it, that’s the only way you can get Cincinnati Bell internet.

Cincinnati Bell Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
Essential Internet$44.99/Mo.250 Mbps
Most Popular Internet$59.99/Mo.750 Mbps
Advanced Internet$69.99/Mo.1 Gbps

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