Here are the best Gogoanime alternatives to watch animation movies in HD quality.

For a true anime lover, the GogoAnime website is not new. It is a world-leading anime streaming website that has a vast database.

Users from all over the world access GogoAnime to watch their favorite anime show. This simple and free platform allows you to enjoy unlimited streaming without interruption of ads. In addition, the site offers a wide variety of subtitled and dubbed HD anime.

GogoAnime content is updated periodically to offer more and more videos. Like many other anime streaming websites, it also has an advanced search option where you only need to place the anime title to find your favorite things.

If you are a regular user of the website, you know that sometimes GoGoAnime disconnects and the servers become inaccessible. At that particular moment, you can simply visit sites like GogoAnime to access anime content.

The bad news is that GoGoAnime is blocked in many countries , especially those where anime is often broadcast on television. But the fact that I can’t access GoGoAnime does not mean there is no way to watch anime online.

Here are the best Gogoanime alternatives to watch animation movies in HD quality.

Top 11 GoGoAnime Alternative Sites 2021– Free Streaming Websites

Main GoGoAnime Alternatives 2021 {100% work}

#1.Kiss Anime

KissAnime is the first name that comes first in most of us when we talk about watching anime online. It has a large library of anime titles, including some that are barely available on any other anime streaming website.

Kissanime allows you to watch anime online without any obstacles. It offers you a variety of videos in high quality. Millions of people love KissAnime because it provides an easy interface and a free user experience for users.

Also, here you can find dubbed and subtitled anime in English without any registration.


Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

Crunchyroll, another Gogoanime alternative on the list, has been serving many users everywhere.

The site is famous for its incredible dubbed or subtitled anime and also for many Asian dramas.

Not only this, here you can watch more than 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of the latest and hottest Asian anime and dramas 1 hour after the TV broadcast

Above all, Crunchyroll is legal and secure and does not contain any illegal content on its site. It has an official license of The Asian Media to transmit its content. Therefore, there is nothing that prevents you from accessing your videos.


Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

Is there anyone who says I don’t trust Netflix? It is one of the most legitimate sites listed here where you can stream your favorite TV shows and shows with ease.

Netflix is ​​not limited to serving only anime programs. Here you can even change the audio of any anime you stream from this site. It simply means that you can alter the audio of the current anime show you are watching. Then, depending on your choice, you can choose between dubbed or subtitled videos.

One thing about Netflix that you may already know is that you need to buy the subscription to watch movies. After buying the subscription, you can watch endless movies and anime series.


Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

KuroAni is not as popular with anime lovers, but it is one of the best sites like Gogoanime, where you can watch some free Anime.

The website is simple and straightforward and covers almost every anime you want to watch.

One great thing about this website is that it has a programming button where it shows a schedule of anime series that have not yet been released.


Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

AnimeFrenzy has a huge library of anime titles, both subtitled and dubbed. The site is also updated daily, and the latest content is always there to entertain you.

The website offers cartoons and adult content.

The contents are well organized for faster classification, and the homepage is clear. In addition, it has a “Random” button that provides a random Anime suggestion for people who don’t know what to look at.

AnimeFrenzy offers categories such as dubbed, movies, genres, popular, selection of things, ongoing, schedule, etc. to get started. You can also log in to the site to build your library and chat with other anime fans.


Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

This alternative Gogoanime interface seems a bit old, but the website is fully loaded with popular anime programs.

One of the best things that AnimeLand offers its users is that they can stream any movie with its resolution of choice, from 480p to 1080p. It helps them to transmit the series according to the balance of their data packet.

Also, you don’t need to sign up to watch the anime. When a new anime arrives, it is loaded into the New Added Anime Section.

#7. AnimeUltima

Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

AnimeUltima also has a huge variety of anime genres, which include adventure, mystery, drama, action, etc. You do not need to log in to watch your favorite show. It offers a high definition of anime.

AnimeUltima helps you access the most recent, upcoming, and ongoing and newly released anime. In addition, there is an application option present on the website that allows you to request the anime you want to add to your large database.

In addition to this, you can access the community, which is made especially for anime fans.


Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

Chia-Anime is a leading anime streaming website that allows you to access all the popular anime series of all time and the most recent.

Like other similar anime streaming platforms, it also has a massive collection of anime series that consists of multiple genres such as Adventure, Aliens, Ninja, Fantasy and Horror, etc.

If you are looking for a complete anime website, Chia-Anime is the best option.

You can even search Anime index, Manga list, Anime movies, Anime soundtracks, Asian anime drama and special anime mobile content.


AnimeShow is another excellent site like GoGoAnime.

Here you will find quality anime videos updated every hour with some of the best English subtitles available. The platform is quite easy to navigate if you know the name of the anime you are looking for. This streaming platform is divided into different categories for simple searches such as “Popular” and “New episodes.”

#10.9 Anime

9Anime is a free anime website that has a massive collection of anime videos available in HD format. It is completely free of advertising and offers many epic anime series.

The content of the site consists of several genres such as Action, Adventure, Cars, Comedy, Horror, Roman, Mecha and many others.

In addition, 9Anime will not ask you to register to enjoy the broadcast. Just visit the site and watch your favorite anime series.

#11. NyaaTorrents

Nyaa Torrents is the best public tracker of torrents with Japanese anime and TV shows, games, software and music. Many anime programs on the site are available only in Japanese, but there is also a dedicated category for subtitled anime.

To download anime from Nyaa Torrents, you will need a torrent client . We recommend qBittorrent because it is easy to use and works on all operating systems.

How to Watch GoGoAnime Anonymously 2021

Online anime streaming sites like GoGoAnime do not host any video content on their servers. Instead, they rely on an extensive network of third-party content hosting services and only provide a convenient way to watch anime in any modern web browser.

This protects online anime streaming sites from copyright guard dogs and police, but does not protect you from your Internet service provider or any other person who may decide to monitor your activity on the Internet. If you want to enjoy anime without worrying about your anonymity, you must learn how to use VPN services to hide your real IP address.

“A VPN (virtual private network) is a private network tunnel that extends through a public internet connection, allowing you to send and receive data anonymously . All popular VPN service providers use strong encryption to make it impossible for anyone to capture and analyze their traffic, and not keep any records or other records of their online activity.”

A popular VPN provider is NordVPN . Based in Panama, NordVPN offers desktop clients for Windows and Mac OS , as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS . NordVPN was selected as the best VPN service of 2017 by PC Magazine, and you can try it for up to 30 days with a 100 percent money back guarantee .

To view GoGoAnime anonymously using NordVPN:

Visit the following website:

1.Click on the ” Get NordVPN “.
Choose a plan , create an account and select a payment method . Don’t worry, you can ask NordVPN to reimburse you at any time during the 30-day trial period – no questions were asked.

2.Download NordVPN Client to your device and install it.
Launch the customer sign up and enjoy full anonymity when you watch anime online or surf the internet.


We hope you liked the previous GogoAnime alternatives for online streaming. You can watch and download unlimited anime content from these websites and enjoy them in HD video quality. So enjoy streaming your favorite animation series.

If you have any questions or if you know other GogoAnime alternatives write in the comments section below.

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