Top 14 ExtraTorrent Alternatives + 12 Mirror Sites [Updated 2020]

Extratorrent is one of the download pages with one of the largest databases on the internet. In fact it was one of the best portals to ensure the search of any file when other similar pages failed.

Its powerful search engine allows you to track results on a multitude of platforms, and this speeds up the work and improves the user experience. However, its ease in offering this type of torrent files has been subject to persecution. This has caused its closure on many occasions.

Extratorrent Does Not Work

Extratorrent has been one of the most popular websites in the last 10 years. However, the facilities offered to its users when downloading torrents, has caused the authorities to order its final closure .

Today the web remains inactive which suggests that its disappearance is forever. But there are still many options to replace Extratorrent , the best ones and those that are still active can be consulted below.

14 ExtraTorrent Alternatives Updated October 2021 [All Working]

  1.  The PirateBay
  2.  Torrentz2
  3. LimeTorrents
  4. 1337x
  5.  Kickasstorrents
  6.  RARBG
  8.  EZTV
  9.  Mejor Torrent
  10.  DivxTotal
  11.  IsoHunt

#1.The PirateBay

Top 14 ExtraTorrent Alternatives + 12 Mirror Sites [Updated 2020]

One of the most veteran pages in downloading torrents, and one of the best alternatives to Extratorrent . Your database has been updated including only secure links despite

Although advertising is invasive, it is one of the safe options to find any file among the more than 6 million that make up your database.


The variety of torrents is more limited compared to other websites, however it is very easy to use and intuitive

  • You can filter searches by gender, year or image quality
  • Offers recommendations for content similar to those you have downloaded
  • It has small summaries of each chapter in television series

#3.Popcorn Time

Top 14 ExtraTorrent Alternatives + 12 Mirror Sites [Updated 2020]

In this case it is a practical application that you can take on your smartphone to have multimedia content wherever you are.

You can play the contents in HD quality and allow the option to download the video to watch it even without having access to a connection.


On this website you will find an extensive catalog of specialized torrents especially in movies and television series.

You can choose between viewing the contents in original version or in different languages. It also has an option to watch streaming movies .


Top 14 ExtraTorrent Alternatives + 12 Mirror Sites [Updated 2020]

RARBG is a platform that has many sections, although it specializes in movies. It has a specific section to watch trailers.

You can also access the latest news from the torrent world . However, it should be noted that advertising can become invasive.


Top 14 ExtraTorrent Alternatives + 12 Mirror Sites [Updated 2020]

This is one of the websites with the highest number of traffic, which has enabled it to have a multitude of links. It has lists with the most popular and downloaded torrents in each of its categories.

It should be noted that mostly, the content is in English .


This is one of the favorite options to download torrents as it is free of advertising . The contents have a very complete file with all kinds of information and the aesthetics of the page is very attractive.

An important aspect is the presence of a forum in which it is possible to request links and comment on the films with other users.


This website has managed to grow its catalog of torrents incorporating many categories such as television, anime, applications, music, documentaries and movies, among others:

  • The results are displayed perfectly sorted with detailed file information.
  • It has collections of lists to find the best torrents of the moment


Top 14 ExtraTorrent Alternatives + 12 Mirror Sites [Updated 2020]

This website specializes in movies and television series in English, with subtitles . You can comment on each content and access a specific section only with the latest releases.

In addition, you can enjoy a collection of movies in 3D quality .

#10. Elitetorrent

Successor to the Elitetorrent website, this website is a favorite for users looking for the latest in premiere movies and television series:

  • It has a forum to interact with other users
  • You can share the contents on Facebook or Twitter
  • It has a section that offers movie reviews


In this platform very similar to Extratorrent, the links are verified, so that all the contents are reliable and free of malware.

It has updated lists with the most prominent torrents of the moment , as well as a section with news related to the page.

#12.Mejor Torrent

On this website you can find a good amount of torrents only in Spanish . Best of all, the lists are updated periodically showing all the news on the home page.

Although the database is not very large, it is possible to find the latest news, free and in HD quality .


In YTS you have the guarantee of downloading only files in high quality, but without the files having a large size.

It has a specific version for Android phones. On the other hand, it stands out for allowing the sharing of movie links on social networks or WhatsApp


Bityouth is one of the best sites to locate some classic movies that you won’t find on other platforms .

No registration is necessary to access the download links, and most of the content is in Spanish. In addition, it has a section of classic television series.

What is the Most Recommended Alternative to replace Extratorrent?

If you need a large database to search for torrents from many categories, the best alternative to Extratorrent is The PirateBay . This website, which has undergone numerous modifications and domain changes, has resurfaced with many advantages for its users.

One of the main advantages is that it has incorporated a torrent verification system that has improved the quality of downloads. In addition, make the recommendation to use a VPN network to avoid problems arising from the download of these contents.

A renewed website and one of the most extensive catalogs of torrents, where you will find everything you need.

Top 12 ExtraTorrent mirror sites:


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