Reasons Your Bagel Store Needs a POS

Looking in from the outside, lots of people might think that bagel stores are self-driving establishments. While it’s true that most people want breakfast before work, a bagel store still needs to stand out from the competition to be successful, just like any business. This includes more offers, more offerings, more drinks, and improved customization of food items. This is why a bagel store needs a reliable POS system

1. A POS System Tracks Sales, Hours, and Inventory 

Full POS solutions help run small businesses, not get in the way. They let you track sales, inventory and hours remotely as long as you have a network connection. You can engage customers with email marketing and integrated social media and, ideally, have 24/7 customer support, hardware support, back office setup, data analytics and training.

Knowing your transactions are safe, you will be able to focus on serving your customers and growing your establishment. 

The system will register financial data automatically. It can even print out payslips for your staff if it’s integrated with accounting. There is no need to sign in physically. There is also no reason to burrow through receipts any longer. Just scan for any document you need by utilizing the tracking tool. It doesn’t matter when the document was issued! 

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2. Faster Service 

The ability to track hours, sales, and inventory naturally leads to quicker service. Getting a POS system to help you run your bagel shop will probably means supporting a heavy morning rush. It also means assisting you in managing an inventory of fresh produce, including pastries, breads, coffee, and other food. All of this means your POS of choice should help you get orders out ASAP. One widely recognized system that’s specific to bagel stores is Cafe Cartel. Its producers claim that it is the best POS around for quick-service bakeries like bagel shops.

Established and launched in 2004, this system offers software solutions, fair pricing across the board, and hardware solutions. With a reliable system, you won’t sacrifice functionality for customization. Other good systems include Revel and Square. With all of these, faster service is ensured because you get excellent support for inventory management tailored specifically for bagel stores. 

When selecting a POS system, look for providers who offer training, support information, videos, and testimonials to help answer any questions you may have. You are encouraged to look for comprehensive overviews of system capabilities. 

Hardware Support and Customized Solutions  

The right POS solutions offer bagel stores the flexibility to deploy workstations wherever they need or want to. Some systems have a free demo version you can download and install.

Some providers offer full POS systems and tablets if you’re looking for POS hardware. Online stores sell scanners, software licenses, printers, labels, and POS scales. 

You’ll never be out of stock of a given product or not know what you have in stock because the POS system will indicated you’re running low on something. The best POS systems will handle bakery inventory. Food inventory, as you know, isn’t like other kinds of inventory. Bagel store POS systems feature custom cake building functionality, inbuilt portion control, and recipe-based inventory management.

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Here are some other beneficial features of POS systems for bagel stores:

  • Easy Menu & Modifier Setup
  • Friendly & Easy to Use POS Terminal & Administration
  • Fast, Reliable & Secure With SQL Server
  • Labor Control for Employees
  • Portion Control for Inventory
  • Time Keeping Control
  • Recipe Based Inventory
  • Easy to add terminals.
  • Whole Item Inventory
  • Includes Remote Access
  • Event Scheduling
  • Reports + Custom Reporting.
  • Multi Location Scheduling for Large Orders

POS systems accelerate the checkout procedure – just scan and bag. Each item can be effectively filtered and labeled with a standardized identification. In addition, you can install it anywhere in your store. Simply integrate an iPad or iPhone empowered POS system with a charge card and you’re all set. It’s possible to accelerate inventory across the board. When ringing up a purchase, you won’t need to rifle through numerous choices because you have an inherent stock and scanner tag examining framework. There will be no need to deduct the item from the stock manually as it is deducted automatically.

3. You’ll Stay Updated

With instantaneous reporting, you always know how much you’re selling and whether you’re on track or not. With ongoing stock following across the board, the POS will warn you when you’re coming up short and indicate the total amount of purchase orders. It will also let you track your merchants.

A bagel store POS will let you know what your bestsellers are and which staff member is selling the most. It will also allow you to check your staff’s involvement. You can screen your representatives’ participation inside the system and see who’s keeping the pace and who isn’t. 

Final Thoughts 

By getting a mobile, handheld POS system, you will be able to take your store with you everywhere you go. This option is feasible if you spend a lot of time away from the store. All you need to do is connect a charge card on an iPad or iPhone. Then, you can take the store to your clients. iPad based bagel store POS systems are much smaller than conventional POS systems. iPad based frameworks are replacing large, bulky ones quickly. Cloud-based POS is swiftly becoming the new standard. These systems do not require a dedicated server and occupy far less room as a result. 

A good POS should cover food service basics. Bagel store owners should be able to launch new food items yearly or at least every season and manage their stock with ease. Inventory should be based on bulk ordering and recipes so that wasted ingredients don’t lead to huge cost overflow. 

Most importantly, your bagel store needs a POS that makes ordering accurate and quick. This you’re your morning customers don’t have to start their day with a breakfast order gone wrong.

With a POS system for your bagel store, you can bid log books farewell once and for all. No more recording requests and checking stock manually! 

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