The Best Video Downloading Apps on the Android Platform

The best video downloading app is a definite need of the hour. The list is long and endless as there are plenty of apps out there in the market. The Android users figure and look out for the best video downloading application so as to download videos from a host of social sites. This is especially from YouTube and a host of other social sites.

Most of the apps are available on Play store and some are not available on them. The reason being play store has gone on to set restrictions on the downloading of certain apps. Now let us flip through the list in details


SnapTube is my favourite video downloading app and a valid reason exists. Though a lot of alternatives exist, but nothing can complete with this app. As stated earlier you are not going to avail this app on the Google play store. Some of the notable features of this app are as follows

  • WhatsApp status saving feature
  • Video files can be converted to audio files
  • All playlist videos can be downloaded with a single click
  • The website goes on to support a host of social networking sites


In case if you are looking at an option of downloading specific videos from YouTube then opt for this app. This app has a special feature for YouTube. When you automatically click on the link an option of download is provided as you do not need to open this app.

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This is a fascinating app and provided with a user friendly interface a user can download videos in an Android app. It is possible to stalk the desired videos and then you can directly download it on to your device. One of the exciting prospects is you can steam the videos within this app. You can browse, watch and download your selected videos within a single click of the app. An important point of consideration is that you cannot find this app on Google play store as you have to download it from the official website. You can opt for the premium and free versions as well.


This app allows the users to keep their favourite videos on their phone anytime. Being provided with a friendly user interface, multiple download of various qualities can be downloaded at the same time. If you want to do download the audio version of this file you can do it with a plug in.


When it comes to download videos on your Android app, vidmate is one of the popular apps. It is possible to open and search the videos on your desired app. Even it is possible to avail the desired quality and your download destination from the download settings.


This is another functional app that has been the features of YouTube along with Instagram. It is possible to watch and download videos from the steaming application. Even it is possible to bookmark your favourite links in this app and this includes private videos.