9 Tech Career Paths for Business Minded People

If you’ve got a good eye for business but a true passion for technology, there are plenty of career paths you can follow that satisfy the need for both fields. In this day and age, a business can’t function without technology, and technology can’t thrive without business. Therefore, chasing down each end of the spectrum will be lucrative. Perhaps you have experience in sales but no longer want to talk to people. You can take that business knowledge and apply it to SaaS, supporting the customer from afar. 

Why Chase A Tech Career?

Technology is dominating every aspect of life at the moment, so it makes sense to head out into a career in tech. The field is versatile and offers prospects in any industry you can think of. Enjoy the process of hospitality? Then why not look into creating tech solutions for the industry. 

Gaining experience in different areas will be great for your resume. So, if you’ve got your degree in technology, you can open up doors by working in other industries. If you’d rather not work to gain experience, you can complete an MBA to collect a rounded view of how business works. 

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Quality Assurance

As a business-minded tech guru, you can head down the path of quality assurance. This is the process of completely testing a product before it goes out to clients. If you get onto the payroll of a B2B SaaS company, your background in business and expertise in tech will be highly desirable. You will need to have the skills to communicate with key players in the business, so having the ability to shut off your tech orientation is key. 

You are the human touch in the testing process. There’s no point in the product working well on paper if it fails in practice. For the role of testing products and making recommendations, you will earn an impressive $73,000 per year on average. 

UX Designer

You can still benefit from the customer experience from the safety of an office desk. With extensive tech knowledge behind you, you can head into the positions of user experience design. When people download an app or use an online system, one of the largest reasons for leaving is difficulty navigating. Your job as a UX designer will be to gather data and work out what needs changing to boost user rates. 

Having experience in business will help you to enter the mind of the customers. If you can demonstrate to recruiters your ability to pre-empt issues and solve them before they become problematic, you’re already onto a winner. In this role, you can expect to earn around $90,000. You may have noticed already, but the more rooted in tech your career choice is the more lucrative it becomes. 

SEO Specialist

SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to the process of placing a company’s website at the top of the Google search page. The Google algorithm is constantly evolving, which means the role of SEO specialist requires constant learning. The best place to start is by studying current trends and tried methods of landing at the top of search engines. From there, you can gain knowledge of business, which will put you in good stead to become marketable in the area. You will need to develop a well-rounded skill base to create content that Google requires. 

Depending on where you work, this can be an extremely lucrative career path. For the most part, you will earn an average salary of $64,000 per year. Although not the most glamorous, this is admirable based on the ability to do this without a degree. This role is perfect for anyone looking for flexibility in life because it’s perfectly suited to freelance working. If you can learn how to carry out web design, you will put yourself ahead of the pack. 

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Data Analyst

Data exists in all industries, so this is one of the most thought of careers when it comes to combining tech with business. There is a consistent push to increase the automation of data analysis within the business industry. As a tech guru that comes with business skills, you can develop software and help to achieve this reality.

Entering a career as a data analyst when you have got business experience will make you extremely desirable to recruiters. You will be able to draw on your knowledge and translate the data into a language that business-orientated individuals would understand. If you’ve got the business know-how without the tech knowledge, it would be worth taking a course in basic coding languages, including Python on SQL. On average, you will be able to provide your data genius for around $67,000 annual salary. 

Product Manager

As a product manager, you are sat in the middle of tech, business, and UX. You will be responsible for knowing customer needs and applying them to the larger company objectives. You will be the driving force behind a team itching to turn vision into reality. You will need to be a master of user experience, which is where your experience in business comes in handy. Further, having a mind for tech will allow you to create the products. 

As part of your remit, you will wear many faces. Part of your role requires the generation of marketing data. You need to be the voice of the people on the inside of the design team, ensuring that their voice is heard. You will need to be extremely people orientated and build an excellent rapport with the CEO and other stakeholders that you will need to report to. A career in product management will net you a staggering $109,000 per year. 

Software Developer

This career path sits at the far end of technology and will require heavy knowledge in that respect. You will be responsible for making adjustments to existing software as well as creating your software. You will work alongside programmers and build the code that brings the vision of other players to life.

Software development encompasses any industry and can include anything from streaming services to game design. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that business-orientated software developers are in high demand. If you want to guarantee success and help lead the charge of the tech revolution in business, you should consider completing an MBA. 

Scrum Master

If you’re looking for a role that allows you to put development at the forefront, look no further. The best way to describe this role to those on the outside would be to think of a project manager but to develop the team. Your daily role will be to ensure that protocols are followed and hurdles are jumped with ease. Knowing technology and business processes will put you ahead of the game when it comes to this role.

One of the key components to scrum career success is learning Agile. This refers to innovation and is a process adopted by scrum masters to enable them to drive their teams forward. Learning this role and doing well will provide you with a salary of $95,000 a year on average. 

Cyber Security Guru

Criminals are changing up their techniques. The more businesses that utilize the online space for their business, the more criminals there will be looking for a way to exploit vulnerabilities. As a cybersecurity analyst, you will be in charge of ensuring that the company’s data remains secure. Your days in this position will involve creating software and testing/updating current programs. Further, you will need to ensure that you stay up to date with the latest known security threats. 

Having an understanding of business will help you to see that people are still at the root of cybersecurity. When it comes to the tech side of this role, you will not be able to simply breeze in on work experience. Cybersecurity requires cutting-edge technology and will require extensive training in the field. There are many avenues to explore that use cybersecurity, but you can expect an average salary of six figures. 

Sales Engineer

There is an enormous demand for sales engineers right now, and it’s only expected to grow. Your job involves aiding the sales process through the use of technology. You will be the bridge between the product development team and the sales functionality. You need to be a pragmatic individual capable of working well with others and solving problems. 

This role is extremely fast-paced and will bring new adventures every day. The average salary for the role sits at around $79,000. 

The world of business is constantly evolving, as is the field of technology. Going forward, you can never have one without the other. Therefore, no matter what your business interests are, it’s a good idea to have qualifications in technology. For people who are passionate about supporting the customer but don’t necessarily have the people skills it takes, these careers are perfect. There will always be a demand for technologically minded business gurus, so what are you waiting for!

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