Benefits of Web Automation for Sales and Marketing Industry

You are accountable for what you are selling, who you are selling it to, finding people to sell it to, how much to sell it for, and who else is selling it as a Sales and Marketing professional.  How much are they asking for it? What are the best ways to compete on price?

These questions can be answered by quality data that is publicly available on the internet in today’s data-driven environment. Web Automation can assist you in extracting this data so that you can make data-driven decisions for your company.

Let’s see how Web automation can help your business 

  1. Reporting Capabilities: In today’s data-driven environment, the best marketing automation tools will definitely feature some type of reporting on each campaign’s performance. Beyond that, advanced marketing automation platforms can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to estimate future campaign performance based on prior data. We all know how important it is to identify which marketing campaigns are successful and which are not, and nothing paints a clearer picture than a marketing automation platform with robust revenue attribution capabilities.
  2. Lead Generation: A lead is defined as the contact information for a potential new customer. Web Scraping, especially for outbound leads, can be a low-cost solution to automate data collection. Web automation tools can help you automate the collection of this data using an intelligent machine learning algorithm to identify keywords and extract them, depending on your business. 
  3. Effective Spend: Because marketing automation saves time and “time is money,” simple logic says that your marketing budget will be freed up to invest in the game-changing decisions that will propel your company to the next level. Marketing task automation frees up your time and money so you can better serve (or lead) your team and invest your money where it’s required most, whether that’s a higher ad spend to spread your message, premiums on exceptional talent, or any of the other hundreds of possibilities accessible. Bottom line: When properly deployed, marketing automation technologies almost always result in a favourable return on investment.
  4. Competitive Analysis: To be really competitive in the market, businesses must keep a careful eye on what their competitors are doing in order to make strategic decisions. – Scrape competitors’ prices to understand how they are pricing, when they are discounting or running promotions – Scrape industry blogs for mentions of competitors – Scrape competitors’ product listings to understand how they are pricing, when they are discounting or running promotions.
  5. SEO Scraping: Every company wishes for free organic traffic to drive to their websites. However, competing with those who are currently ranked far higher is quite difficult. Scraping on-page components such as the title tag and meta description could be a tool to analyse how to rank higher – Scrape keywords – Search Adword text for inspiration – Scraping on-page elements such as the title tag and meta description
  6. Time-Saving: Marketing automation solutions are perhaps the epitome of technical advancement: what used to take days now takes hours, and what used to take hours earlier now takes minutes. The technological revolution in the last decades has reduced the time required for tedious, redundant chores, allowing marketers to focus on the creative, strategic problem-solving for which they signed their offer letters. Few people have benefited as much as today’s marketer. Simply said, freed-up time has allowed them to reclaim and significantly enhance their lives.