Paid Vs Free Windows VPN: Which One to Choose?

Many people have the mistaken notion that there is only one option when it comes to getting a secure internet connection – a free Windows VPN. In fact, a free VPN can provide you with the same level of security as a paid VPN service, but for a much smaller one-time fee. So what are the pros and cons of having both a free and a paid VPN? Here’s a look at how both services compare.

The big difference between the two free VPNs is the price. With a free VPN, you don’t get any software that allows you to connect to the outside world. You are merely connecting through a local area network. You will not have any access to the internet whatsoever, and won’t be able to watch streaming video or use antivirus software or anything else that normally would be available. You won’t even be able to talk on the phone if you were abroad.

With a paid Windows VPN, however, everything is ready for you. You get software on your computer that allows you to connect to a remote network. You also have access to the internet, and can install whatever programs you want on your PC. You can then browse the web, download music and videos, and chat with friends.

And there’s more. A free VPN will have a limited number of allowed connections. With a paid version, however, this is not true. You can create as many connections as you like, and can assign different permissions (such as read / write). You can also configure port forwarding, so that other computers on your network are able to connect to the server as well.

Of course, both of these options have their own limitations. A free VPN service typically provides fewer features and fewer options. They are basic services, which limit your freedom. On the other hand, a paid Windows VPN offers more flexibility, more security, and unlimited features… for a price.

A few things to remember when comparing the two are privacy protection and cost. A free service limits your ability to use it as a privacy shield. As far as cost goes, you can usually find a Windows VPN that’s cheaper than paying for a dedicated server (costing several hundred dollars or more). However, you might have to settle for less functionality.

Which one to choose really comes down to how much you plan on using your connection. If you just need to test out a blog, or surf the internet for an hour or so each day, a free option may be all you need. If you want advanced features, however, a paid option is your best bet. The choice really comes down to what you value most. Do you want more advanced features, but don’t want to pay for them? Will a free VPN offer what a paid one will?

It’s a trade off you have to make. A free Windows VPN can be secure, reliable, and free… but it’s not without some expense. Paid Windows VPNs can offer all of these same features in their free packages, and often at a lower price. While a free option might seem like a gamble at first, it’s important to know that there are both good and bad Windows VPNs out there, and a paid option is often the best choice for those who need it the most.

A free Windows VPN service will allow you to connect to the Internet and do what you want to do without worrying about being blocked or limited. It can be a great way to keep in touch, access your favorite social networking sites, or simply be able to browse the web without waiting on a friend or trying to stream a video on a slow Internet connection. A paid service on the other hand can do so much more. Here’s a list of some of the more advanced features available:

One important thing to note about a free Windows VPN service is that you will not be able to completely bypass any security measures your computer may have set up. For example, when browsing the net or downloading files you may be concerned about viruses or other hackers taking advantage of you. With a free service, this is not a risk because there aren’t any programs installed that will actually block or hurt your PC. However, if you’re someone who frequently uses the Internet and would like to make sure you’re always safe from any attacks, you’ll want to seriously consider signing up for a paid service instead of a free option.

One last big difference between these two types of connections is the cost. A lot of people feel that they are equal in terms of price, but the truth is that a paid service will most definitely cost you much less. This is especially true if you sign up with a company that offers a monthly plan with unlimited use for a specific amount of money. Even if you only need to use it a few times a month or so, it’s still much cheaper than paying for an entire year at a time. Even if you just pay once for a year, you’ll still be saving money and getting a faster connection, among other features.