No-Nonsense Marketing Automation Hacks for Content Marketers

There is no doubt that content is the ‘King’. With the onset of spectrum Internet, content has become indelibly infused into our lives. Without it, all the websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter will be akin to an abandoned cemetery, with no visitors.  

90% of online marketers employ content marketing as their first step towards engaging customers, out of which 72% experienced tremendously improved engagement. 

If you still have doubts, know that 70% of customers prefer to learn about companies via content rather than ads. So keep refining your content so that you can deliver the very best to your customers.

Developing engaging content with consistency and greater frequency is highly essential. However, as it gets bigger in scale, it gets difficult to create, manage and disseminate content efficaciously unless your pockets are way deep. 

So, here are a few automation hacks to up your content marketing ante. 

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Automate the Idea Generation Part

There comes a time when you run out of ideas because your job is to keep generating them on a regular basis. Eventually, all the ideas that you come across begin to sound repetitive and tedious. It gets even more challenging when your content must be relevant to the industry and interest your audience at the same time. 

However, you can make the idea generation process much easier by utilizing tools such as:

Xia by Unmetric  — AI-backed tool that analyzes any brand’s organic and paid content, explores new ideas that resonate with the audience, discovers other brand’s successful content strategy, and what will work for you. 

Buzzsumo — Finds trending content online categorized by website or topic. 

Feedly — Gives you the latest industry-specific news and also creates custom feeds by topic.

Soovle — finds what people are searching for with a specific keyword through its autocomplete function of search engine. 

Hubspot — type in three words and it will give you blog post recommendations through Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. 

Reddit — Search a topic and find a number of user-generated threads covering every facet of your topic.

Optimize Content Creation Part with AI

Refining content is absolutely crucial as it communicates the brand message to your audience. With AI getting imbued in our tech, it can contribute towards better content than any other conventional tools. 

Acrolinx is an AI-powered tool that claims to actually ‘read’ your content, then it analyzes and provides metrics related to quality and efficiency. It offers useful suggestions that aligns content with the company’s guidelines and improves it greatly.  

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Personalize Content 

Through personalized emails, Starbucks managed to win its customers’ hearts because customers love content that they can relate to; it makes them feel special and is specific to every stage of their purchasing journey.

On the other hand, robotic or generic content that you create for a diverse audience and for all stages of a customer’s journey has high chances of going down the drain. 

Uberflip is a great content personalization tool as it gathers all your content from videos, eBooks, blog articles, social media, and the website. It then provides you with a number of tools that help you generate a personalized experience for each stage of the customer’s purchase process, which in turn blossoms your relationship with customers.

Moreover, the AI-powered tool makes it really easy to share and host content and is incredibly easy to use.  

Schedule and Scatter Your Content across Platforms

Now that you have created the content, let your audience know that you have something new for them. You can do this by posting on social media or sending email newsletters. 

We recommend that you do both; deliver emails, and make social media posts go live at a suitable hour of the day, and the best day of the week.  

You can determine the most felicitous timing by viewing your audience online activity analytics, and then post at that time. You can even schedule emails and send to each contact on appropriate day and time that is most likely going to get them to click and engage. You will see an almost 200% increase in open and click-through rates. 

Some email automation tools that you can use: 

Mailchimp — A popular email marketing tool that lets you collect emails from forms, conduct A/B testing, design mail campaigns. Acquire analytics report on CTR, level of interaction with each content segment, and more. 

Constant Contact — Manages an email list, creates email templates, maintains marketing calendar, tracks customer activity and develops reports. Moreover, it has built-in social media sharing options, Facebook ads integrations, and high-powered e-commerce integration for Shopify stores, email automation, conduct surveys/polls, offer coupons, request online donations, and a lot more. 

GetResponse — It comes with a drag and drop builder that makes designing an email campaign a breeze. Segment contacts, and send personalized content to select groups. Furthermore, conduct A/B testing, employ autoresponders and analytics and integrate with third-party software such as SalesForce, Google Docs, OptinMonster, ZenDesk, and more.   

For social media management:

Zapier — manage all your social media accounts at once, share data among your web apps and automate basic tasks without the aid of a Developer.

Buffer — streamlines your social media management by performing various functions via one dashboard. Upload your content in bulk. Schedule and send to different social media accounts. 

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