Among the many questions people ask is “how can I know that my guest posts will be published when I submit them?”

For this reason, we’ve created the following guest blogging tips to help get your guest post approved and published when you submit them to blogs.

As a writer, guest post outreach provides huge benefits which have been proven to drive sales and traffic to a website. A lot of prominent bloggers are using the following tricks in helping them build a name for themselves.

If you know how to play your cards right, you can become considered as an authority in the blogging world with blogger outreach service. But there’s a lot of techniques when getting your guest post accepted. It requires a lot of finesse, patience, research, and diligence. In summary, it’s not that easy to get your guest post published.

A lot of the prominent bloggers today say that they receive thousands of pitches in a year and a lot of them are just plain awful.

So you can get your guest post approved, here’s the ultimate guide.

Why Do Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a hot item for writers and bloggers who want to raise brand awareness, increase their backlinks and boost traffic to their websites.


You need quality backlinks from authority sites if you want your website to rank someday.


As a writer, a byline on someone else’s blog is a nice shot in the arm as an expert and a writer in a particular field. It’s social proof and a key indicator of your authority. When you want more exposure for your brand, this is the way to go.


When writing a guest post, the blog host often lets you put a link to your website. This means referral traffic for your site. And if you’re lucky, you get links to your social media, too.

Where to guest post

Now that you know the benefits of guest posting service and blogger outreach services USA, you should now target a few blogs. There are a lot of steps you can take before you send your pitch.

Know what you’re looking for and avoid blogs that accept every post from all writers who reach out to them. What you need and want is a blog which has a real set of followers.

If you find that the blog published articles that aren’t quite connected to the other posts in the blog, then you shouldn’t pursue this site any longer.

Narrow down your list and weed out the types of blogs that you think won’t help you at all in terms of growing your followers and traffic.

Butter them up

Before you go and send out your request, integrate yourself first. Make a name for yourself by sharing or liking their posts on social media. Add authentic comments on their blogs and finally send the blog owner an email.

Then, make the winning topic ideas. Ensure that your topic is fascinating and incredible and that the topic should be relevant to the blog you are pitching for. There are, however link outreach services which can help you with this task.