How to Find Instagram Accounts to Follow That Will Actually Engage With Your Content

It’s one thing to have an Instagram page that you frequently post on, but it’s another thing entirely to keep your viewers engaged with your content. This is the challenging part of running a page, but we’ve got a few tips that might help you find the right viewers and keep them focused on your content. 

Whether you’re looking to become an influencer, or you’re selling the best CBD oil on the market, using Instagram is a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle. Here’s how to find Instagram accounts that will actually engage with your content. 

Use IG Stories 

IG stories are a great way to reach new people and keep them engaged with your content. The video content is only allowed a limit of fifteen seconds, so it’s short and sweet and the perfect tool for advertising. You can feature products, your brand’s vision, or simply tell a story. 

Here are a few tips for creating the best IG stories possible:

  • Keep them short and sweet. You don’t have to use all 15 seconds. 
  • Include your company logo (if you have one)
  • Always include a call to action 
  • Focus on the right balance of entertainment and information 
  • Remember that you have about six seconds to grab the viewers’ attention 
  • Quality over quantity always 
  • Appeal to emotions 

These tips will help you craft awesome IG stories that will not only reach the right audience but also help keep them interested once you do. 

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Use the Right Hashtags 

Using the wrong hashtags on Instagram is like trying to use your car key to unlock your front door. Hashtags are the lifeblood of Instagram, and they’re how customers or potential followers can locate your content. It’s best to use specific hashtags as much as possible, as the most common hashtags are often overused and can bury your content under more popular posts. 

Let’s say you’re a CBD company looking to spread the word about how great CBD oil is. If you just use “#CBD”, your post is going to get lost in the endless swirling mass of CBD posts on Instagram. You want to use more specific hashtags, like #companynameCBD or #benefitsofCBDoil in order to get your content to the right people. 

Don’t neglect your hashtags, or your page will never get the recognition you’re looking for. If you’re running a business, this can be detrimental to your sales and seriously affect your brand recognition.  

Buy the Right Followers 

Another viable option for finding the right followers is to buy Instagram followers. This practice can be incredibly beneficial, but only if you do it right. Instagram has taken a stand against bot accounts and does regular sweeps to try to eliminate as many as possible. You don’t want to buy followers from a provider that offers fake accounts, anyway. 

 Buying Instagram followers is only effective when you get 100% real accounts that are active on the platform and pre-disposed to enjoy your content. This helps ensure that they’ll remain engaged and improve the overall quality of your page, unlike their bot counterparts. A potential follower/customer that sees a page followed by nothing but bots isn’t exactly going to jump to press the follow button. 

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Focus on Quality 

Perhaps the most important consideration for getting your content to the right people is focusing on the quality instead of the quantity. Many businesses and pages get caught up in the idea that the more frequent you post, the more people you’ll reach, and this simply isn’t the case. 

You should, however, maintain a consistent posting schedule for your audience. This helps them know when to expect content from you, so there’s no guesswork involved. You want to be certain that your followers can see your content as soon as it’s available, and before it gets buried in their feed. 

Nowadays, people are looking for content that invokes emotion; content that truly helps them connect with brands and other people. You can’t expect Instagram content that’s pumped out like an assembly line to carry much weight on a platform that’s loaded with competition. Keep your content to a strict quality standard! 

Engage With Your Followers 

How can you expect your followers to engage with you if you’re not engaging with them? Letting your followers or customers know that you’re appreciative of their support goes a long way in building their trust and loyalty, and can increase the likelihood that they’ll recommend your page or products. 

Don’t leave complaints unaddressed, and be sure to thank your followers every now and then. If you’re a business, you can reward them with coupon codes and other discounts for their continued support. Whatever you do, don’t ignore your followers! 

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