Factors to Consider When Looking for Pre-Settlement Funding

If you’ve been injured on purpose or because someone else was not exercising the right amount of caution, personal injury law allows you to receive full and fair compensation that will cover all your expenses, including future ones. If you want to correctly calculate your claim’s value, you should always hire a lawyer after any type of accident. 

Reaching an agreement is not an easy task when legal issues arise, and all the complexities behind them can make you waste a considerable amount of time. You’ll have to work closely with your lawyer to take care of paperwork and all the negotiations that typically come with a personal injury claim. If handled incorrectly, these steps can take months, if not years. Monthly bills and medical expenses won’t wait for your compensation, that’s why you should consider looking for a pre-settlement funding provider. 

Make the Right Choice

A pre-settlement funding provider will allow you to receive the money you deserve as soon as possible, so you’ll be able to put your mind at ease by having all you need to heal your injuries and let your lawyer take care of your claim without rushing things. Keep in mind that not all pre-settlement loan companies are the same, so it’s important that you do your research before asking for a loan. There are a number of different factors to consider that will help you make the right choice.


When you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer, his past experiences and how many cases similar to yours he has already handled is going to be the first thing you’ll check. This part of the process is not different at all when choosing the right company, as those with more experience are already well-acquainted with all the steps required to receive adequate compensation and will give you the amount of money you need. They’ll also be able to guide you through the process in the smoothest way possible. 

Your Contract Shouldn’t be Hard to Understand

Like with pretty much anything else in life that involves money, you’ll be signing a contract every time you receive a pre-settlement loan. The terms should be clear and easy to understand, and you should never feel confused about them. A contract that’s vague and doesn’t correctly specify how this loan is going to be handled should never be signed, as it’s a significant red flag that shows you may not be dealing with a reputable business. 

Interest Rates

Before you decide to proceed, you should always ask questions about interest rates. Once you receive your settlement money, due to the nature of a pre-settlement loan itself, you’ll have to pay back the amount of money you originally borrowed, plus the interest you owe. Don’t feel pressured to do things as quickly as possible, as you’re asking for a loan specifically so you don’t have to make an irrational decision. You should never be afraid to ask about interest rates, as you need to find an option that best suits your current and future situation. 

Different from a Regular Loan

While there are specific laws in place for regular loans to protect you from aggressive and disadvantageous practices, pre-settlement funding is still a largely unregulated field. This is another reason why you should be careful once you decide to choose a company for your claim. 

It’s extremely important that you feel comfortable at all times during initial consultations. You and these companies need to make sure you’re on the same page about the amount of money offered and how you’re going to pay it back, as it should only come out of your settlement. 

Don’t forget that your lawyer can also help you during this process, as companies need to get in touch with him to verify the details of your case. Pre-settlement funding is still an incredibly effective way of receiving money quickly and avoiding financial troubles, you just have to be smart about it.