6 Ways To Get More Views On Instagram

You might have tones of followers on Instagram, but if, your posts do not get the views you want, what is the whole point of having that bombarding figure of followers? It’s like having a platter of tasty food right in front, but no one picks up a bite, how disappointing that would be?

Let’s admit it, views are an integral part, like if your followers don’t see your posts, receive your message, how at all they are going to convert into your consumers? And that is the ultimate aim, right? Do you know video posts receive 38% more engagement than simple image posts, along with more than twice amount of comments?

So, what are you doing to boost your Instagram views? If you are following the same age-old techniques and expecting different results, it is sheer foolishness. Here’s a list of 6 result-driven ways to keep you updated with the recent tricks:

Post When Most Of Your Instagram Followers Are Online

If you are doing everything that’s needed to draft exclusive Instagram posts and still fail to attract views, it’s time you need to check your post timings! Let me tell you how Instagram actually works – so if your post is initially getting high levels of engagement, your posts are pushed up the hierarchy flying through the clutter, making you more discoverable.

So, this makes it all the more important to post when your followers are online. But an obvious question here is, how do you know when your followers are online? Keep a track, and use hit and trial method, analyze and then decide. Check out statistics related to your target segment or use apps that provide you a likewise service.

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Buy Instagram Views From Authoritative Websites

If your account is fresh, and you are starting with zero, it can be really nerve-wracking. As a fresher, there would be so many different aspects of your business that would demand attention apart from Instagram. At this point, authority websites that provide services that serve you with real Instagram views in return of small amount can be extremely helpful. Don’t worry, it is completely ethical and the process that they adopt is also totally organic build to help you give a kick-start on your Instagram journey!  

Give People What They Want

Customer is king, and one of the simplest things you could do to promote your brand is post content what your followers would want to see. When you do so, you have almost guaranteed yourself with greater views. This too, as previously discussed, would prioritize your post, push it up through feeds and make you more discoverable. But again, how do you know what people want? The answer remains the same. Go through the history of your own posts. They would give you valuable insights, details and answer the questions that you have been constantly asking yourself.

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Use The Feature Of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have caught all the rage nowadays. For those who do not know what they are, they are temporary pictures or videos you post, which disappear in 24 hours. Since their popularity is at its peak, they would help you to gain additional engagement and views than standard posts would.

Go Live Often

Again, like the Instagram stories feature, the ‘Live’ feature of Instagram has gained quite a name for itself. To get more views on Instagram, you need to connect with your audience. Going live is a great opportunity to do so. It usually starts with an interactive session and you could read the comments, questions or recommendations that your Instagram followers drop in almost instantly (and ofcourse, answer them to keep the conversation going). What makes it even better is that your followers will be notified as soon as you are online!

Use The Hashtag(#) Hack

Among my favorites, the hashtag feature is one of the easiest, yet most useful features of Instagram.  When you are using hashtags, you are actually increasing your audience size. Your post is not only visible to people who follow you but also to the people who follow the hashtag. This likely increases your engagement and your chances to get more views.

Apart from all the hacks mentioned above, one thing that remains constant is quality content – remember, if the content fails, everything else in the block would fall apart.

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