5 talks about online marketing

Marketing is so necessary in our lives that we unconsciously do it daily without realizing it. But in itself, what is online marketing? Are all those actions and advertising strategies that are executed through social networks or online media. It is an easy tool to sell any product, boost your brand and to know your competition. This phenomenon has been applied since the 90s and what is intended is to transfer the techniques of offline marketing to the wonderful world of the Internet.

Technology is advancing rapidly and most companies prefer to try online marketing before the classic one. For example, Netflix is ​​one of the companies that most uses it in its launches because it goes viral in a two by three way. Today we are going to recommend 5 online talks about online marketing that have helped small and large companies. But first you have to take into account that you must use web or blogs, search engines, display advertising, social networks and all the means you can. Although we will streamline the work giving you 4 keys to make online marketing correctly.

“30 errors in Online Marketing” by Bruno Vázquez-Dodero

The first talk is dictated by Bruno Vazquez-Dodero the CEO of AulaCM, who gives us 30 errors in Online Marketing. In the talk he tells you many failures that companies make to boost your product, all the information of the talk has lived with your company. Among the failures we find that we do not seek help when it comes to starting online marketing. And the important thing is that we ask, interact with our users to include them in our project. Another interesting error is that we use the RRSS only to publish content and not to create it. The talk is very good, it nourishes you and makes you see all the mistakes that you may be making.

How to create an Online Marketing Strategy by Clara Ávila

Clara Ávila is a reference for online marketing in Spain and today she explains how to create a very good digital marketing strategy. In the talk he reveals key points to improve your blogs, customer service, budgets, SEO, advertising, Analitics, Adwords and more . For her, usability is very important, since she is able to apply a series of techniques within the design so that the user feels comfortable in an online environment. And on the other hand, he says that all companies should consider what their digital product is and take into account online advertising.

How to start a business from 0 in 2018 on the Internet by Hermo Benito

Hermo Benito is an exponent when we talk about digital marketing, since he is CEO and CO-Founder of 3 companies that invoice many figures a year. In the talk he tells us that marketing is constantly evolving and has new rules. The story is also told by a very interesting monk who will help you in many aspects of your company. It should be noted that the talk is very short but it is very nutritious, since it teaches you how to start a business from scratch.

Online marketing step by step by Judit Catalá

In the talk the spokesperson talks about the golden wheel of marketing that is fundamental in business. In the wheel explains that all businesses should have a website to make it known but in turn must generate revenue to the business. In itself, there are 7 steps that make up the wheel and we will reveal them to you right now.

Daniel Marote is CEO of ISM and provides us with 20 important keys to online marketing focused on the user or client . In the talk or debate explains how you can better invest money in advertising, why it is important to put the user in the center, inconsistencies in the way of investing, production versus distribution of content and more. And in the last place he explains that it is very important to create brands to differentiate ourselves.

For us, these 5 talks are essential when undertaking a business digitally using the internet as a propeller. They all have different advice, information and the incredible, is that they will nurture you in many business aspects. Which one did you like the most.