Top 5 Tech Trends Content Creators Need To Pay Attention To In 2020


The rise of search engines and social media has necessitated the growth and evolution of content creators. In 2020, we are at a point that content creators are the major driving forces of our lives. From news to sports to comedy to purchase suggestions and help, content creators are ruling digital domains in every industry and niche. 

In this article, we are going to focus on how content creators need to be aware of the five top tech trends. This will help them improve their performances, earn more, and grow their audience base. However, before we do that, let us first look at some areas, which content creators face. 

Important Areas Content Creators need to focus on

With social media and search engines continue to play a major role in human lives, the importance of content creators seems to increase with every passing day. However, contrary to popular opinion, content creation is not an easy process. 

There are many things, which content creators need to pay attention to in 2020. Some of the important ones are- 

  • They need to focus on the content creation process itself. Creating great sketches, which will be loved by audiences. 
  • They need to understand and align with the changes in the algorithms of search engines and social platforms. 
  • Keep track of the changing nature of monetization and how it works as platforms keep changing

It is true that some creators could not keep track of these changes and were forced to leave social media and other digital platforms. However, the substance of this article focusses on how technology can help creators make the most out of the process in 2020. 

Whether it is something as simple as converting YouTube to MP3, or using content management systems, creators are willing to try everything to stay relevant. 

List of Top 5 Tech Trends Content Creators need to pay attention to

1.Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality- 

AR and VR are playing a major role in evolving the content creation process. Most creators are taking help from AR and VR when it comes to hosting virtual concerts and events with their audiences. As it is a new form of tech, audiences to love engaging with the same. 

Creators can start slow by creating some VR videos for their audiences. In terms of experiences, VR promises a much better experience and is a new tech, which is slowly catching on. This can help creators working in gaming, music, motion graphics, sound effects, etc. 

2.Algorithm Driven Content Discovery- 

In the past content creators had to understand how Google’s search engine algorithms used to work for best content performance. The same has been the case for the past few years on social media platforms. The content showing the audiences has increasingly become algorithm-driven. 

For content creators, this presents a challenge. They need to look at optimizations, hashtags, posting times, tagging, and formats, and so on. This is a form of continuous experimentation. Creators need to try everything until they come up with what works best. 

3.Using Live Streaming and Webinars-

Many of the leading content creators are of the view that social platforms have reduced payments to creators. This is just because of the presence of so many on the platforms. To supplement your income, it is necessary that creators branch out to live streaming. 

For example, creators can announce a live gig on their social pages and then host the same on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This will allow you to make the most out of both platforms and open up a new source of income in the form of webinars and live gigs. 

4.The Rise of Content Creation Tech Tools and Software- 

As a content creator, you are creating content for your blog, your social platforms, and your YouTube. This means in order to simplify your work and improve output, you need to start using the best tools and software. You need software for text, images, and video content. 

Many of the leading content creators use SEO writing software to help them with their blogs. They also use a Youtube Downloader Chrome to download and edit videos. Which they put up on their platforms. In addition, image designing tools are also important to design thumbnails and social media posts. 

5.Social Media Management Tools- 

As a content creator, you should not worry about manually posting on social media. Your primary concern should be to invest your time and energy on the content creation process. This is why leading content creators use SMM tools for scheduling and posting. 

In addition, SMM tools help creators learn about engagement rates, performance tracking, and provide a host of other data, which helps them improve themselves. Any content creator who is not using SMM tech tools is falling behind his or her competitors in a major way.

The Final Words

With more and more creators joining social media platforms and putting out high-quality work, competition levels are increasing every day. If content creators are not latching on to the latest tech developments and trends, they stand the risk of falling behind. 

In this article, we looked at the top five tech trends to help content creators improve performances on search and social. By innovating, adapting, and focussing on high-quality content, creators can hope to stay relevant, engage audiences, and earn handsomely in the process. 

Can you think of some more tech trends, which content creators need to focus on? Let us know in the comments below.