10 Ways to Speed up Your Content Marketing

There has been an exponential growth in the popularity of content marketing and you can easily see it by the number of websites and blogs on the internet. But, like any other marketing channel, content marketing has evolved considerably and is suturing fast. This means that businesses need to learn how to leverage content marketing the right way so they don’t miss out on important leads and are not beaten to the punch by the competition. The days of content mills are way behind, but there are several ways you can speed up your content marketing and ensure it delivers the kind of results you are after. What are they? Let’s take a look at the top 10:

1- Look for grammatical errors

Not only will you come off as silly or careless to your target audience when you make a spelling mistake, especially when spell checks are available everywhere, but even your Google rankings will drop. Search engines are now focused on providing users with authoritative results and nothing appears less authoritative than having grammatical errors and misspellings throughout your content.

2- Come up with actionable and relevant content

In order to be a successful business owner and great marketers, you first need to know and understand your actual customer. No matter what niche or industry you are in, it is essential for you to be aware of your customers’ problems and difficulties well. Once you understand this, you will obviously want to develop content around it. But, before you do that, you should ensure it is actionable. Are you providing them with proper tools and relevant steps they can take? Can these steps really be executed? If it is not practical, it shouldn’t be written.

3- Providing FREE value through your content

Do you know that customers want nowadays? They want to hear and see the word ‘free’. Think about people in your circle and how they like to talk about the great bargains they have made. Your customers are no different. While a number of businesses and brands will ask for money in return, you can provide high quality information and tools for free in order to develop your brand. You can offer your own content, such as a downloadable guide or an e-book for free.

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4- Leverage content to drive leads

One of the most vital aspects of a sales funnel is none other than content marketing. Content has the power to pull customers into the beginning stage with specific pieces and can then get them to click on the ‘buy’ button. The first step is to come up with amazing content in the form of a blog, video or infographic for creating awareness. This content should motivate the reader to move onto the next stage of the funnel. You can accomplish this by asking or their email address to view gated content. Monitor their reactions at every stage and adjust your content accordingly to drive leads.

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5- Longer content will do better

Longer content gets more attention from people as well as search engines. In fact, this content provides more qualified leads because it captures the attention of a potential customer and provides them with relevant information. It also leaves more room for SEO optimization and keyword use. Plus, longer content can develop the authority of the website where it is published.

6- Understand your target audience or buyer persona

No matter what marketing campaign it is, it will be directed at a specific target audience. Not everyone in the world will be your ideal customer. You should know for whom you are creating content before you start selling anything. If you don’t understand your target buyer persona, you will be wasting time and resources. Know their demographics, challenges and problems, motivations and goals, fears, common objections and hobbies in order to create the right content.

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7-Use guest posting for authority links

One of the best ways to get people familiar with your brand is via guest posting. With this option, you can tap into the network of your host’s blog and create brand awareness. If the host has a loyal and strong following, it will also give you a solid return on investment. This is a cheap and extremely easy way to get lots of leads for your website.

8- Optimize all headlines

Don’t just focus on the body; also optimize the headline because if people don’t click on your headline, no one is going to care how good your content is. Click-through rate (CTR) can have a direct impact on your rankings. You will start seeing a drop in your rankings if people don’t click through. Therefore, optimize your content for user intent. You can include your keyword in the headlines, but there is also something called over optimizing.

9-Provide exclusive content to your email list

Email remains one of the most powerful marketing channels and every business should be leveraging it right now. If you don’t offer exclusive content to your subscribers, it could be a mistake. More people are likely to opt in for your email subscription if you tell them you will share the ‘best of the best’ with them. You can also add a touch of personalization by segmenting the emails as this will resonate with your audience.

10-Establish a content calendar

Content marketing is not very different from a fitness schedule; it will not work if you don’t do it regularly. In order to build your brand name and reputation, come up with valuable content and share it consistently. The best way to keep things organized is with a content calendar. This will help you in scheduling regular posts and you will not disappoint your customers at all. However, make sure you maintain quality of content or else you will not get the desired results.

With these 10 ways, every business will undoubtedly speed their content marketing efforts and will be able to get a ROI in the form of increased leads, which eventually turn into customers.

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