Is PBN the Secret to Link Building Success in 2019?

Hey, do your hands tremble whenever the prospect of Public Blog Network strikes a chord with your mind, for acquiring quality backlinks to your business website?

There are two sets of SEO experts, one section back PBNs to be the most powerful & proven linking building strategy, whereas the other term PBNs as a suicidal technique to get your site penalized by Google.

So, now you are perplexed, whether to go with endless perks of developing a network of external blogs/sites and sending their juice to the main website or listen to the saying of those who red flag PBNs.

But, you don’t need to scratch your head as today we’ll uncover the mystery of PBNs, do they have practically have any advantages or it is purely a waste of precious resources.  To know the answer, just scroll down a little.

The Billion Dollar Question-

Is PBN the Strategy to Trust For Link Building Success in 2019?

In one word “Yes,” but “How “is the real mystery that you must understand before chalking out the PBN network strategy, otherwise you’ll regret not reading the entire post.

The purpose of creating a Public Blog Network is simple, it drives quality backlinks to the money site. The PBNs are expired, or dead websites, which are to be found nowhere over the internet until & unless you use sophisticated automated tools. Although the domains are expired, these websites have a lot of SEO link juice, which can be transferred to the primary business website. The link juice is an integral SEO ranking factor that can rank your site pretty fast.

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Key Benefits of PBN-

Improve SERP Rankings

If your business website is struggling to rank anywhere on the first page of Google SERPs for specific keywords, then building a public blog network is worth an investment for you. This is because the websites of the expired domain once published, the authority of your website will significantly improve, thus helping you to cement the top positions. And, the best part, PBN is a long-term SEO technique, and often unaffected from Google algorithm updates.

Gain Competitive Edge

With just above industry and niche flooded with so many websites, forcing your way to the top positions takes time, probably months of hard-fought SEO efforts to gain any results. This is where PBNs are being termed as an impactful SEO link building strategy which is redefining the way websites are being ranked. With PBNs, you get the power to knock your fiercest rival -, which is having a dominant hold over the market for several years- from top positions on SERP results. For best results, it is best if you rope in a reliable SEO outsourcing company India.

Drive High-Quality Traffic

Another reason to include building external websites out of expired domains in your SEO efforts is their ability to drive high-quality organic traffic to your main website. The stream of traffic you receive has a greater conversation potential. Moreover, with PBNs you can bring genuine leads to the site via the right keyword or phrases.

Save Times & Efforts

SEO is an unending long process. You can deduce this from the words of Stoney deGeyter “You can’t just ‘SEO’ Your Website and Be Done. It’s a Forever Moving Goal Post.” But, on the flip side, PBNs are completely different, invest money & time in building websites and reap benefits forever.

Create Stronger SEO Campaigns

Given that the structure of the Public Blog Networks can fit just about any niche and helping you create stronger SEO campaigns that deliver better results. You can use the external websites to build that perfect SEO campaign and steer link juice to the main website. However, getting results from Public blog networking isn’t as straightforward as you may think of. This is a big reason for calling a specialist offshore SEO company India to create and maintain your PBN websites.

To Sum Up

PBNs are without a doubt a useful SEO linking building technique with so many perks, but it does pose some sort of risk of breaching the Google guidelines. This is why you need to hire a professional SEO company to formulate your PBN strategy.

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