Importance of Cloud Computing in Ecommerce

Nowadays, eCommerce and cloud computing is a perfect match. Cloud computing technology unlocks the power of the internet and enhances business in a vast variety of ways. 

Universal access to high-speed internet and a variety of eCommerce-focused platforms makes it easy to switch to cloud computing. And it doesn’t need much investing in infrastructure, learning, using new software tools, or hiring staff either. 

Plus, cloud computing supports plenty of different applications. Platforms for social media advertisements to blog creation to inventory tracking — you name it. No wonder 83% of businesses will be cloud-based by next year.

Thus, it’s the best time for businesses to embrace the cloud. If your company hasn’t done so yet, continue reading to discover the importance of cloud computing in eCommerce.

Why Your eCommerce Business Should be Cloud-Based

Cloud computing can benefit your business in many different ways. You gain the most in terms of increased scalability, durability, speed, data redundancy, and cost reduction.


eCommerce operators know better than anyone the fluctuating demands of a changing market. Anything can affect businesses, from seasons and holidays to promotions and advertisements. That’s why cloud computing facilitates scalable architecture. It upscales and downscales services according to your needs. Moreover, cloud-based apps can grow with you as you move from 100 to 1,0000 to 1,000,000 customers. 

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Data loss can mean life or death to an eCommerce business. Cybercrimes, server failure, and software crashes can take down eCommerce platforms in a matter of seconds. And sometimes, for good. But if you have the cloud-based infrastructure, your company always stays up and running. Plus, as long as you have an internet connection, you can manage your operations no matter where you are. 

Increased Speed 

eCommerce businesses rely on speed. For one, speed is a crucial factor in search engine rankings. But speed also makes the difference in whether your users stick around or head over to one of your competitors. 

In fact, 40% of potential customers abandon a site if page loading time takes longer than three seconds. Thus, the last thing you want is a sudden surge in traffic that makes your website unresponsive. That’s where cloud computing comes to the rescue. It offers resources for more abundant storage, higher bandwidth, and more power. 

Security in Data Redundancy 

Data redundancy is one of the cornerstones of security. Cloud storage creates copies of all your apps, correspondence, and files you use on the platform. Best of all, these are all updated in real-time. So, if a server fails in one location, you still have access to your data while ensuring security. Redundancy is your guarantee that you’ll not suffer data loss. 

Reduced Costs

Best of all, you get these benefits without having to invest much in software, hardware, and personnel infrastructure. You can choose services based on what you need. To put things in perspective, the average cost of a small business server is $1,000. And that might not even cover all your needs and not have stability and durability benefits. Meanwhile, there is a wide variety of eCommerce cloud platforms that cost only a few hundred dollars per month. And many of them don’t need a separate IT department to operate. 

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A Note on Security and Cloud Computing 

5G technology will push cloud computing and eCommerce to the next level. Researchers project that it will pump $17 trillion into the global economy by 2035. However, it will also create substantial cybersecurity hazards. eCommerce platforms have so much to gain with this new tech but need to double down on security. That’s why it’s vital to consider secure platforms, such as WooCommerce or Magento. 

But choosing a secure platform should be only the beginning of your cybersecurity decisions. Hackers target vital data, systems, and networks using ransomware to hold companies hostage. Falling victim to such threats not only costs money but crushes your reputation and drives customers away. Thus, your business should safeguard all files with an encryption software for Windows and make regular backups. Encryption tools ensure the security of your data. 

What’s more, make sure your employees are aware of the cyber threats. Educate them about phishing and other scams cybercriminals use to get access to data or credentials. The more they know, the better they can protect themselves.

The Perfect Match: eCommerce and Cloud Computing 

eCommerce platforms that are ready to make the full jump to cloud computing stand to gain a considerable advantage of their competitors. Their businesses will not only be scalable but also durable, secure, and affordable. Moreover, increased speed and efficiency will foster customer retention and promote growth. So if you want to thrive in the 5G economy, time to embrace cloud computing is now.  

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