Colombians can now make Amazon purchases in cash

Colombians can start paying for their purchases in Amazon through Western Union using only cash.

Until recently, if a Colombian wanted to make purchases at Amazon, he was required to have a credit card or some other online payment method. This prevented many from using the platform, since this means of payment is still not as popular in the country (according to figures from the financial industry, by mid-2018 there were some 15 million credit cards in Colombia).

However, that has just changed recently. The reason for this is that the financial services company Western Union enabled a new payment option . This would allow Amazon users in the country to pay for their purchases in cash . Finally, they would have the freedom not to need a credit card when using the Amazon Paycode service .

Colombia is part of the list of countries in which this service was enabled. This, together with states around the world such as Chile, Peru, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.

How to pay?

The process is simple. You only have to request a code generated through Amazon Paycode. Once this is obtained, it is a matter of going and making the payment in cash at a physical Western Union office.

Of course, we must bear in mind that the code will only last 48 hours. If the payment is not made in that time, the code will be invalid and the order will be canceled. Finally, you must verify that the name of the purchase order is the same as the number of the person receiving the shipment.

If you have doubts about where to locate a Western Union point, you can check its official website .