A Brief Guide For Immigration To The UK From India

UK is the next best destination that comes to your mind when you are thinking about higher job facilities, and even for that long holiday. Some people are visiting this country for enjoying job opportunities, and others are only for visiting this massive country. This country has so many promising offers in terms of pollution free environment, jobs, safety and more. Then you have people who are choosing UK migration for better employment prospects. They are working hard on UK business visa from India so that they can visit the county ASAP and get hands on the reliable response now.

Similarly, the UK has its share of world class colleges and universities, which force students from India to migrate to this place.  This country boasts of a strong and vibrant economy, which is then backed by lower employment rates because they employ the EPSO test to filter out the most competent employee for a job.es. So, if you are planning to migrate in the UK, there are some points to consider.

Some Ways To Migrate To UK From India:

There are multiple types of visas that you can apply for to seek immigration to the UK. The visa type which is suitable for you, is based on what you are planning to do over there and how long this stay is going to be. UK Visas are mainly classified into Tier 1 and Tier 2 and the eligibility will be assessed through point basis system.

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Going For The Entrepreneur Visa OR Tier 1:

In case, you are a notable entrepreneur, who is dreaming of just investing in the UK then this visa, is the one for you to consider. This Entrepreneur Visa will help investors to set up a firm or just purchasing existing business over there. This visa section is again divided into Innovator Visa and Start-up Visa.

  • If you wish to create a new business in the UK then you can opt for a Start-up Visa. You can even apply for this visa if you are just outside EEA and Switzerland. You might have to satisfy some of the other eligibility requirements before getting hold of this visa.
  • Any applicant over 18 years of age is made eligible for Tier 1. You have to meet the English language criterion and even be able to demonstrate some funds or even personal saving for supporting them during initial UK days.
  • According to the UK immigration rule, you can opt for Innovator Visa only if you plan to set up a new business or buying an existing one in the UK. The business idea needs to be endorsed by approved body. It is mandatory for you to invest around 50,000 pounds to set up new business and have to meet other eligibility requirements. 
  • For the Innovator Visa, candidates outside Switzerland and EEA are eligible to be a part of it. Even applicants over the age of 18 years can apply for UK visa from India. The person also needs to demonstrate  source of funds or even personal savings to support them during the initial days in the UK.

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Tier 2 of the UK Immigrant Visa:

This is also called general work visa, which is designed for some skilled workers who are planning to migrate to the UK on a permanent basis and then address labor skill shortage of that country. Candidates available under Tier 2 are well selected through point based category and are mainly issued to highly skilled individuals, who have a job offer in the UK. To prove your eligibility in this section, you need to have a valid job offer in occupation list. You need to be outside Switzerland and EEA and you must get sponsor from legitimate UK employer before you can just apply to live permanently in the UK.

All the available candidates in this regard are asked to apply for this tier 2 visa around 3 months before the time they are asked to start work in the UK. The profile needs to be processed within 3 weeks if you are applying just outside the UK. 

Documents Required For UK Migration Now:

Always remember that visa is different and each one has its unique requirements in terms of the document submission. The reliable candidates have to analyze every requirement carefully before making final submission. There are some general documents that you have to work on while filing for UK migration visa now.

  • First of all, you need to present a certified copy of the sponsorship reference number for Tier 1. You need to provide proof of English language as well.
  • Then you have to preset copy of the bank statement for demonstrating that you have enough funds or even personal savings to support your living in the UK.
  • Make sure to present current passport and other travel documents to prove that you are visiting the UK to travel. For visa, you need one blank page of the passport.
  • Make sure to preset copy of the expired passports and some of the travel based documents for showing travel history. You have to provide medical test results, mainly TB, if you come from listed country.
  • You even have to present copy of any criminal record certificates, if any.

These are so much more that you have to know when you are trying to focus at UK immigration from India. For that, catching up with visa experts will help you big time. They have handled cases like yours beforehand and can provide you with accurate information in this field. So, make sure to catch up with them when you get the time.

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