Best Accommodation Options in Seychelles Which Don’t Cost a Fortune

Nestled in the Indian Ocean off the East African coast, there exists an archipelago of sorts, primarily known for its coral reefs, exotic fauna and colorful scenery. It is the tropical paradise of Seychelles—consisting of the islands of Mahe, La Digue, Curieuse, Praslin and 115 others. What sets it apart from other destinations is its collection of luxurious beaches, bordered by tall palms, topaz waters, and talcum-powdered sands.

So, if you’ve marked Seychelles as your ultimate vacation getaway this year, then you need to start planning from now. It includes working out the flights you’re going to take, the food options you’re going to explore, the list of attractions you’re going to visit and the places you’re going to stay in. In this last category, I can be of tremendous aid to you. Following are some of the best budget-friendly accommodations you can find in Seychelles.

Hotel L’Ocean, La Digue

Located at Anse Patates, this beautiful beachside hotel has a close proximity to the sea and hosts an open-roof restaurant. The rooms are small yet comfortable, well-lit and air-conditioned. The service is nice and friendly. Plus, it’s got a goodly 7.5 rating on Facilities include: Breakfast, bar, sun deck view, designated smoking rooms, and free toiletries. You may not find the internet or parking amenities. Wondering about the rates? It’s around $160 per night for a double room right now on, but the prices are subject to change, depending upon the season.

Chateau St Cloud, La Digue

On a ten minutes’ drive from the Jetty, this hotel has a well-grounded reputation for being a traditional accommodation—best for couples. You’ll find clean rooms, live evening music, pool facilities, elegant views of the Anse Reunion palms, bike rental, restaurant + bar amenities, and lush green gardens etc. Moreover, the internet is available as well, but it’s not the high-speed Wi-Fi that you’re used to. Its usual rates range between $160 to $200 per night for a double room, but I’m sure you can locate discounted prices in the off-season.

Rosemary’s Guesthouse, Praslin

This beachfront accommodation has an 8.8 rating on for the magnificent views that it afford to the weary travels—scenes which you might have only caught in movies on your Cox cable. Located on Anse Volbert, Rosemary’s guesthouse is 0.5 miles away from Praslin Museum, 1.2 miles off the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve and 3.7 miles from the Praslin Island Airport. Amenities include: Free parking, bicycle rental, shuttle services, BBQ on the terrace, boat trips, delicious Continental/Italian/Vegetarian breakfast and private bathroom facilities etc. Rates? Around $143 per night, as shown on If there is one thing which you must try at this beautiful guesthouse, it’s the homemade banana jam, which has been especially recommended by the frequent travelers to this place.

Oasis Hotel & Spa, Praslin

If you’re looking for a place which offers luxury-on-a-budget, then the Oasis hotel, located on the Domestic Airport Road, is the best option for you. It is a 3-star resort with a proper spa + outdoor pool facility, complimentary parking, casual restaurant, and an on-site bar. Moreover, it is a two-minute walk away from the beach, giving you easy access to sandy goodness. The rooms are adorned with polished, stone-accented walls, and are equipped with all the modern amenities, like a flat-screen TV, safe, mini-fridge, soaking tubs and balconies—depending on how upgraded a treatment you’re paying for. Agoda shows its price for a night to be $136, subject to season and the kind of coupons you avail.

Carana Hilltop Villa, Mahe

Gently placed on top of a hill on Carana Machabee, this retreat is owned by a nice couple—Eileen and Mike. Due to its high geographical location, this Villa offers a panoramic view of the ocean all the way to the Silhouette Island. You’ll have to hike through its jungle-cloaked trail to get to the beach below. Best known for its coffee and continental breakfast, it has an outdoor swimming pool, a beauty shop, a garden from which you can pluck the mangos and guavas. There is a weekly BBQ and self-catering facility too. Wi-Fi is available along with free parking. Its current rate for a night rests at $110, according to Booking,com.

Chez Lorna, Mahe

This is a 2.5-star guesthouse in De Quincy Village, which offers a number of beneficial amenities for a cheap price of $75/night ( There are six guestrooms on the facility, each having a terrace-view, a private bathroom with free toiletries, and a room-service option. Wi-Fi is free and the parking does not cost a penny. It is 4.9 miles away from Beau Vallon Beach and 9.1 miles from the Grand Anse. One of the best features of this guesthouse is the continental-style breakfast, which is offered for an extra charge of EUR 10 per person.

Georgina’s Cottage Beach Guesthouse, Mahe

Rated 8.2 by the couples who’ve frequented this location, Georgiana’s Cottage is not as rustic-style as it may sound. It’s equipped with modern amenities like flat-screen TVs and coffee-makers. Because of its close proximity to the famed Victoria market, this accommodation is often chosen by people who love to go shopping. Wi-Fi is available throughout the property along with a free parking service.

In conclusion, there are many other B&B options in the Seychelles archipelago, but for now, these will suffice.