Best Wix Alternatives

Wix is one of the most popular website builder, with their drag and drop features that makes it easier for beginner to build website. 

But wix is not for every one, if you want advanced features on your website, you need to buy their extension. This extension is too expensive and you may need to look for alternative for your website.

In this article, we are going to look at 6 wix alternative for your website. You can choose any of this website builder to build your dream website.

Pros and Cons of Wix

Let delve into the pros and cons of using wix. This would help you whether to choose wix or not.

Pros of Wix

Easy to build website with their drag and drop features. This makes it easier for beginner to build their website within ten minutes.

App market to find third party plugins to enhance your website design. This third party plugin can be free or you have to pay few bucks before using the plugin.

Wix has improve his seo. One of the main drawback of using wix is the problem of seo. This has rectify. You can check this guide is wix seo friendly to learn more.

Wix comes with so many template to choose from. This help you to build wide range of website.

Cons of wix

Wix is expensive to build website. Their premium features to improve your website design and performance cost a lot.

Once you choose a template and publish your website. You can’t change the template again. You can also edit the design of the website.

Not suitable for e-commerce website due to lack of plugin and app in wix app market. Recently wix added the e-commerce option but it is better you stick like shopify.

6 Wix Alternatives

  1. Squarespace

Squarespace offer website owner and blogger the opportunity to create high quality website and blog with so many free template to choose from.

They offer free trial option without credit card information to allow you to test run their platform and if you like their platform you can build your website from as low as $12 per month.

Who should use squarespace?

Squarespace is suitable for blogger who don’t understand what seo is all about. Their platform is search engine friendly to help you rank higher in serp.

Online business owner who want to turn the website to e-commerce site. Squarespace makes it easier to sell online.

Squarespace comes with free in built 2048 bit SSL certificate install on every website. This makes your website secured and improve your ranking position.

  1. Weebly

Weebly boast of over 40 million websites using their platform. You don’t even need to understand HTML and CSS to build website. 

With high quality template to choose from and drag and drop features to add image, logo, text and so many more to ccustomise your website, blog and e-commerce site to your taste.


Weebly offer for different plans to choose from. You can migrate from one plan to the other.

Free: Just like using blogger or This free plan add weebly to your website address  and with a footer ads.

Starter: Free domain name worth up to $14 per year when you annually. Or $8 a month. The ads is remove from the footer and you use your domain name as your blog address. 

Pro : Extra features are added to the pro plan and a quick customer support to help you in building and maintaining your website. It cost $12 a month.

Business: For just $25 a month. You get a working an online store for your business.

Business Plus: This is the most advanced plan that cost $38 a month. Offers more advanced e-commerce features for large store owners.

If you want to have further comparison detail between this first 2 website builders, kindly check this Weebly vs Squarespace page.

  1. WordPress

The largest content management system in the world. You can use WordPress to build a wide range of website.

WordPress is the king but the platform is not for everybody. It does not have a drag and drop features that other website has and it is not suitable for beginner.

WordPress is a open source software all you need to do is to buy the web hosting where you will install the software.

WordPress hosting is cheap and from $2.99 when you choose Bluehost and it also come with free SSL certificate, free domain name and unlimited email address.

You can make use of free template and plugin to customise your website and migrate to paid template and plugin when you have the money. 

WordPress is not suitable for beginner to use, WordPress is one of the best wix alternative in the market. You can outsource the design of your website to professional web designer.

  1. JIMDO

Jimdo makes it easier for website owner to build their website with out any knowledge of coding. Jimdo comes with template to choose from and what you need to do is to add your image, text and content.

What makes jimdo unique

Jimdo handle your seo according to Google standard. This enable you to rank higher in the search engine.

Mobile friendly theme that makes your website looks perfectly on any mobile devices.

SSL certificate is install on every website.

Free sign up with out credit card to try out the platform.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is only for e-commerce website, if you want to build website and blog you can look at other wix alternative in this guide.

Shopify makes it easier for you to build e-commerce website and also help you to promote your store to your social media follower.

It comes with 14 day free trial and more than 100 professional theme for free. 

Shopify also has it own payment gateway to handle your transaction. It accept credit card and if you don’t like their payment gateway, you can use over 75 payment gateway to handle your transaction.

  1. Webnode

Webnode makes it easier for you to build your website with few minutes and you don’t even know how to code. 

With over 30 million user using webnode to build website, blog and e-commerce site.

We hope this guide help you to find better wix alternative your website.