Why Proxies Can Make or Break Your Web Scraping Operation

Perhaps you heard it too, that “Content” is the new king. However, in my view, that is not entirely correct. The power behind any successful content strategy is DATA, which is gathered (web scraped) before creating the content. Of course, it takes time to plan a data-led content strategy, but it pays its dividends in the long run.

Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of data in the scheme of things. For them to succeed, it means they have to leverage certain information at your disposal. What’s more, it is essential to know how to assemble the desired information and use it to their advantage.

Regardless of whatever industry you find yourself, you’ll always want to be a step ahead of your rivals. Perhaps, you might need data for price analysis or lead gathering purposes? If that’s the case, it is where web scraping practice comes in.

Web scraping is a technique that aids in collecting a vast amount of publicly available intelligence from the web within a short period. Web scraping relies on proxies. Check out this blog post on more info on proxies.

More on Web Scraping

Nowadays, web scraping is an essential part of building a successful business’ policies. Web scraping refers to an automated web scraping script (or a bot) that can crawl and extract the needed data from the whole web.

It can be made to work with any website, or it might be a custom-built solution to match the exact requirements. Usually, a set of attributes are stated for the desired target, such as e-commerce websites or social media platforms. The web scraping program will scrape the required information and bring it back for further in-depth analysis.

However, there is a snag — scrapping thousands of pages from a single IP will only get it banned. Sites webmasters implement various different anti-scraping measures to prevent bot-scrapers from accessing their content.

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Importance of Proxies in Data Mining

In today’s world, mining data is almost a must. Businesses may have access to public data through an API — and at other times, it is a rather challenging task to achieve, as more and more anti-scraping measures are put in place.

Scraping a large amount of data is not easy — but the use of a proxy can make it feel like a breeze.

Here are a few reasons you should be using proxies for your web scraping projects.

Hiding an IP Address

It takes ample time to scrape a large amount of data. When you go through a standard network, the network at the other end may restrict you by blacklisting your IP address.
You see, when too many requests come from a single IP address, the target server will block the IP address altogether.

With a proxy, you can hide your original IP and replace it with one from a pool of proxy IP addresses. Each request is from a new IP, meaning it will be difficult to trace your original IP — and you cannot get blacklisted.

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Instant Scalability

When it comes to scaling your activities in data mining, there are quite a few factors that need to be considered. You may want to increase the number of ports, or the amount of IP addresses to work with. With the right proxy service provider, you can upscale your web scraping activities easily.

Proxy Service Can Break Your Data Mining Operation

The use of proxies is critical in the data mining process. If you have a good data source and a web scraping script, but a lousy proxy service, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. The speed and performance of a proxy play a crucial role in the success of your data mining activities.

With incorrect proxy type, you won’t be able to scrape the web successfully. You’ll be melted with various restrictions as your proxy cannot work effectively to achieve your goal.

It’s a Wrap

Your web scraping operation success depends mostly on your proxy service provider. If you partner up with a legitimate proxy service provider, the possibility of scraping a large amount of data without being blocked is beyond high.

Research the best proxy providers out there and go for the one that best fits your business objectives. By doing so, you’re increasing your chances of gathering the right data for your business in a hassle-free manner.

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