What is VMWare NSX? Definition, Architecture and Features


VMWare is one of the leading providers of virtualization software. Many large businesses find that having VMWare in house can save a substantial amount of money, when compared to purchasing each operating system, operating systems, hardware, and more. VMWare NSX comes with a large number of features that provide a solid foundation for building an efficient business. As you investigate the benefits of VMWare, you will find that it offers:

Simplicity through the use of a single command center – Virtual machines are able to respond to a single command from a remote service without concern for complicated hardware architectures. VMWare NSX has a single command center for all of the functions involved in visualizing the physical hardware. With this feature, virtual machines can be rebooted in the event of hardware failure without disrupting other processes. Furthermore, guest operating systems that are virtualized on VMWare ESX Server can be leveraged across multiple physical nodes without the need for additional hardware.

VMWare NSX Architecture & Features

High availability

VMWare ESX Server has over five million virtual machines hosted on four continents. This availability is thanks to the elasticity provided by VMWare’s Multi-Tenancy Technology. Multi-Tenancy provides hosts with a consistent environment that is made up of virtual machines that are highly efficient with the addition of additional hardware, applications, and operating systems.

High Levels of Portability and Ease-of-Use

VMWare NSX provides a robust, scalable, and highly efficient network provisioning and deployment solution. For this reason, it is used by businesses ranging from small enterprises to international corporations. Its easy availability and easy use make it a highly valuable aspect of any business, whether large or small. A business can easily adapt the VMWare ESX Server and its Virtual Machines to meet the needs of their present network and applications, and can easily adjust them when required to make the most of their current performance.

Distributed Servers

VMWare ESX Server provides the foundation for virtual networks. It enables the easy creation and management of large, complex, and intermittent virtual networks. In addition, it also allows for easy portability and reduces the cost of deploying and managing virtual networks. This in turn saves the company money as no capital is required to purchase and maintain physical hardware. Additionally, virtual networks are inherently much more flexible and elastic than their underlying hardware counterparts, which increases throughput, reliability, and storage capabilities.

Mobile Infrastructure

VMWare is a leading supplier of mobile devices and virtual networking. It enables companies to provide mobility at a lower price point through its robust infrastructure and software. With this in place, companies can take full advantage of their mobile devices while saving on capital expenses. VMWare has been found to be highly effective at managing the growth and maintenance of mobile devices, which have dramatically reduced overall device downtime.

Cloud Computing

VMWare is a key player in the development of Cloud computing. The technology is based on virtualization and is a major enabler for businesses moving towards cloud-based services. One example includes the Salesforce Mobile. VMWare already has proven itself to be quite adept at providing cloud based solutions. With continued investment in research and development, it will only be a matter of time before other businesses are able to take advantage of its technology and deploy it in their own networks. As such, Cloud computing will continue to grow at a rapid pace into the future.

These are just some of the VMWare NSX improvements that the platform can support. In short, these are all around enhancements to make the environment more efficient and effective. With the new architecture and the underlying hardware being able to adapt and respond to the workloads it was designed for, VMWare has proven itself as one of the leading providers of virtualization solutions. And with these capabilities, comes the responsibility of providing effective management and monitoring to ensure that users are provided with the highest levels of security and functionality.