Skype Can Now Blur the Background During Video Calls

Last September we commented that Microsoft had decided to incorporate a feature most useful in Microsoft Teams, its communication tool for teams. It was Background Blur , a feature that blurs the background during video calls , thus improving our privacy. Finally, the feature is already available on Skype, something that the company has just confirmed in its official blog.

As you can see in the promotional image that illustrates this article, the use of the function we are talking about allows us to apply an elegant blur to the background, something possible thanks to artificial intelligence. As explained from Skype, Background Blur is able to detect human forms, keep them focused throughout the video call and apply a blur filter to the background in real time , regardless of whether we are moving. The result is extremely good, and the function takes into account elements such as hair or hands.

One of the advantages of this new feature is its ease of use, since we can enable it with a single click. In fact, it is possible to activate or deactivate the function during the video call itself , although we can also choose to indicate a default option from the Skype settings section. Without a doubt, this is an excellent function for interviews and meetings with colleagues. Background Blur is available in the latest version of Skype for computers, so we recommend you update the application to start enjoying this function