PDFBear: A Free PDF Website With Multi-Platform Availability

Managing electronic files, such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PDF files, is undeniably challenging most users. Most significantly for those who are only starting to use and work with digital files. When they encounter issues with their files, they instead pay for someone to do the fixing for them. 

However, learning how to rely on yourself and be flexible is a key to becoming a more productive individual. When it comes to managing digital files, you need a tool that helps you fix any issues without a single penny out of your pocket. On top of that, it’s accessible to all platforms!

Check out these tools you might need to use later on.

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PDF Merge: Combine files in one location

If you think there is nothing else you can do with a cluttered computer desktop other than deleting files, that’s where you’re wrong. You can equally declutter your device and still keep your files. Now that is how Merge PDF from PDFBear works. Despite what it’s called, this tool supports other file formats, such as JPG/PNG, Excel, PPT, and more. 

Furthermore, the merging process takes only about a minute and a few clicks! On top of that, you won’t need further assistance from another person since PDFBear has made the tool easy to use. In turn, it enables you to attend to more tasks, and it increases your productivity rate. Make your files more manageable by merging in four quick steps:

  1. Go to PDFBear’s page, click “Select Files” to upload multiple files simultaneously. Alternatively, directly drag and drop the files to their server. 
  2. Once uploaded, the files will certainly be scanned.
  3. From there, check your files and modify them if necessary. Apply the changes when done.
  4. Lastly, download your newly merged PDF file. Save a copy to your computer or share it with your Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Repair infected PDF files

More often than not, PDF files get infected with malware and viruses at any unexpected moment. Unfortunately, these circumstances are almost inevitable, especially if you are doing online activities with your files. Mostly, as people have no idea what to do with corrupted files, they end up removing them from the device. 

Fortunately, PDFBear can now take care of damaged files in the safest way! It works by assisting you with how to restore your file. The repair PDF has four easy steps to guide you through the process. 

  1. Upload any corrupted file that you want to restore by clicking the “Select Files” tab. 
  2. Let the repairing tool analyze the file.
  3. From there, PDFBear cannot give 100% assurance that your files will be successfully recovered, but its advanced system will not make it any worse. 
  4. Once done, you may download the repaired file and save a copy to your device. 

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Compress large files 

Here’s one of the most valuable tools you can find on the website. Now, any digital file you may be handling can be too large for online processes, such as uploading or sending. Now, PDFBear likes to eliminate that issue for you with its superb compressor that reduces up to 70% file size. 

Now, if the quality is what you’re worrying about, PDFBear makes sure to apply high-quality standards in all compression. In turn, the formatting and original appearance of the document remain intact and accurate. Moreover, this incredible compressor is accessible anytime and anywhere using cloud compression. 

If you wish to enable stronger compression, become a PRO user and take all the benefits that include unlimited task conversion and unlimited storage. In fourteen days, PDFBear allows you to explore and experience PRO membership. 

Page Removal function

You might find unnecessary pages from your PDF files. However, taking the PDF file as it is, you certainly won’t be able to make changes or edit the file. Fortunately, PDFBear offers a tool for removing pages you don’t need. Indeed, this tool will keep you from a lot of trouble in the future. 

In addition, using your mobile, laptop, or tablet, you may access this tool without installing an application. Simply go to their website and start organizing your files in a matter of minutes.


Here’s the final verdict, there is no reason not to utilize online tools to alleviate your burden with digital files. PDFBear is supposed to make your life easier with managing tools and fixing issues. With that, continue making your way to utilizing the best tools for optimizing and organizing your electronic files. 

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