How To Get Stars On Google Ads

Here is a little bit of news that may shock you; those little yellow stars that appear in Google CPC text ads and in Google shopping pack an outsized punch! If you thought they were just there for decoration, then you need to think again! According to Google, getting Seller Ratings in Google Ads has the potential to boost your CTR by as much as 17%. Now, that is something that all businesses, large and small, cannot afford to ignore! But what are those stars on Google Ads and how do you get them? 

What Are Star Ratings? 

The star ratings extension system makes use of five golden stars to highlight the quality of the feedback that a particular business has received from its customers. Star ratings are divided into Product and Seller Ratings. You can also get Star Ratings in Google organic. 

What Are Seller Ratings? 

Let’s assume that you are a small, up and coming online retailer selling electronic goods. Your Seller Rating would be a reflection of the overall feedback that you have received from people who have made purchases from you. As the name implies, Seller Ratings are, therefore, all about a particular Seller. 

What Are Product Ratings? 

Where Seller Ratings are concerned with a business as a whole, Product Ratings reflect the nature of the feedback that one of the products in your catalogue has received from people who have bought the item. An example would be a particular camera, or a particular cell phone. 

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How Do You Get Stars On Google?

Most people wish to know how to get stars on Google. The answer is; there are a couple of ways through which you can get Seller and Product ratings for your business; 

Get Google Customer Reviews

The easiest way of getting Seller and Product ratings for your business is by getting Google Customer Reviews. Should you opt into Google Customer Reviews, your customers will receive the option to take part in a survey as soon as they make the checkout on your website. Once you have integrated Google Customer Reviews on your eCommerce website, the site will display a survey opt-in that enables people to leave feedback about your business and products. 

This data is then used by Google for both Seller and Product ratings.  The great thing about Google Customer Reviews is that the service is offered free of charge. However, you may need to pay someone to do the integration on your site if you do not know how to get your hands dirty on your own! 

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Get Stars On Google Ads Through 3rd Party Online Review Companies

This is probably the best way of getting stars on your business’s Google Ads. For those that wish to have a comprehensive online reviews experience, the good news is that Google has licensed 30 companies to syndicate Seller Ratings for use in Google Ads and in Google Shopping. You can see a list of these companies in the provided link.  

Google has also licensed 23 companies for Product Ratings. One of the things that you will notice is that there are a few companies that appear on both lists. These are the companies that you need to take a look at if you are interested in both Seller and Product Ratings. 

How Do The 3rd Party Review Companies Work? 

Third party online review companies collect feedback from a business’s customers for a fee. A good example of such a company is Shopper Approved. Once you have signed up and integrated their software, they will enable you to automate the process of asking for and collecting reviews from your customers. 

3rd Party Online Review Companies Charge A Few

Unlike Google, most of the third party online review companies that are out there will charge you for their services. The lowest charge for those that are looking for both Seller and Product ratings is around $150 per month. 

Data From Reviews Is Syndicated To Google For Use In Star Ratings

The great thing about these companies is that they syndicate the data from the reviews that they collect from your customers to Google. This data is then used to give you Product and Seller Ratings in Google CPC text ads and in Google Shopping. 

If you need to learn more about how to get stars on Google Ads, feel free to read the article in the provided link. Overall, it is safe to say that all eCommerce businesses need to seriously think about getting seller and product ratings in Google Ads as a way of boosting their sales.

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