Educational Value of Games and Sports

In a weak body there cannot be a healthy and active mind. Education will remain incomplete without physical training and exercise. Games and sports are an integral part of school education. They provide us physical fitness, courage endurance, cooperation and team spirit. The refresh body and mind and provide recreation.

India needs good and great players and sports persons. The boys and girls should be caught at the very young age and trained in different games and sports. Mere mental education is of no use without physical education. They should go hand-in-hand as integral parts of an education.

A student will only be able to solve a crossword if he recognizes and comprehends the terms used in the clues. He will also need to know the difference between phrases and words that may have similar meaning. This kind of game appeals to auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners.

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Answering crosswords have become a favorite pastime of many people because they hold an appeal for all ages. They don’t only provide a sense of fulfillment upon completion, but can also be solved in less time. These reasons make them perfect educational materials.

Rebus puzzles are word puzzles that use strategically placed letters or words to represent a phrase, saying, or word. They are a popular type of puzzle for both children and adults. Some rebus puzzles use word repetition and highlighting to lead the viewer to solve the puzzle.

Puzzles that repeat a letter or word a certain number of times may allude to a word or phrase. The word “sight” repeated four times will represent the word “foresight”. Online rebus puzzle makers can be found online and are a great way to make rebus puzzles.

Scientists aren’t sure exactly what causes learning difficulties. Many theorize that the brains of children with learning disability mix up signals and have difficulty sending and receiving bits of information. Some doctors believe as many as 20 percent of children have some sort of interference with the way they learn.

Children with Talking and Listening LD may struggle to communicate their thoughts. Some good skills to foster in this area are critical thinking and logical thinking. Parents can gently ask children questions about what they think will happen next in a situation, and use each response as the basis for the next question.

Children with Math LD struggle with what numbers and numerical symbols mean. They have difficulty memorizing and understanding math facts. Pattern games, shape puzzles, and blocks can give a child the experience and confidence needed to succeed in math. Remember, adult participation in a family setting is important in the learning process.

Role-play games can help children with social skills disabilities (Social Skills LD) practice proper social behaviors in a safe environment. Dolls and dollhouses, play sets and figurines can all be vehicles for imaginative play that practices effective social interaction. Children with Social Skills LD often misread facial clues and gestures.

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Educational toys can be a valuable resource for kids with and without learning disabilities. Instead of memorizing dry math information, a child can play with an educational toy and learn first-hand how to use logic and patterns to solve a problem. Any parent wishing to develop their child’s abilities could benefit from investing in any of the toys discussed. What dose celebrities think about it?

Physical education equipment takes a beating and lightweight badminton rackets are not known for their ability to withstand punishment. New racket materials such as titanium composites have become more prevalent but there are some standard models that are known to take a licking and keep on racketing.

The best shuttlecocks have a cork tip for better pop off of the strings and nylon skirts that perform well. They are durable enough to survive physical education classes. The least expensive models are plastic with rubber tip and should be considered only for backyard use.

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All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Playing games on the field makes the organs stronger and provide fresh oxygen to the body. The mind is also sharper and students learn being social and the feelings of togetherness, co-operation, discipline and punctuality.

The value of games and sports is recognized by all educationists. Games expand our lungs and improve the blood circulation and fill the body with strength. Games and sports teach us the spirit of sportsmanship, honesty and punctuality. They also teach us team spirit, leadership and obedience.

Overspending is a major issue in today’s society. There are things that parents can do to make sure they don’t instill the bad habit in their children. One of the best ways to teach a child to value money is to make them aware of the costs.

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