3 Essential Tools for Taking Your Online Business Global

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran in the business world, it can be difficult when it comes to determining the right marketing strategy for your business. There are so many different methods out there that it can be overwhelming and not to mention expensive. So a start could be to ask yourself what is my main goal to be achieved from a marketing strategy. 

It can be easily assumed that most business owners desire to reach the largest target audience while keeping the marketing budget as low as possible. Of course, it would be counterintuitive to running a successful business if you spent more money than was necessary to obtain the same outcome in the end. 

One marketing strategy that has repeatedly shown to reach target audiences far and wide at a relatively inexpensive price tag, has been promotional product marketing. Promotional product marketing differs from digital marketing because it offers a physical connection between the customer and your brand. 

Think of it this way, by giving a customer a product with your brand on it, then you already have an open door into that customer’s home. Why is this important? That customer bringing your brand into their home has now put your brand on a possible pathway to be seen on a daily basis. However, this daily regularity is not guaranteed. 

In order to ensure that your brand remains a staple in your consumer’s life, it is imperative that you pick the best promotional products to represent your business.

How do you know which promotional product would be the best for your business and the image you want to portray? Here are some factors to consider when determining what promotional product will best represent your brand. 


The most effective way to utilize promotional products as your marketing strategy is to make sure that the product you choose has the ability to stand the test of time. The best chance to make this happen is to have a product that is helpful to the consumer. You want to present the opportunity for the consumer to form a bond with the product and thus your company logo. 

Products to explore would be something that everyone uses on a daily basis or can never have too many of. Items like: computer devices (flash drives), writing instruments (pens/pencils), thermos, notebooks, etc. Pay attention the next time you are in someone’s home, you can bet you are bound to see some of these items mentioned with someone’s brand sitting around. 

Your audience 

While it is cost-effective to think of promotional products that will be appreciated by most, it is also just as important to focus on your target audience. Once you consider who exactly it is that you are targeting, you will have a better chance at choosing the product that is best suited for your customers, thus helping bind them to your brand. When asking the question, “who is my target audience”, here are some points to ponder: gender, age, interests, income, and career. 


Another important factor to keep in mind when choosing your promotional products is, are they relevant? A surefire way to waste your money and insult your customers is to offer them a dated product. Gone are the days of stress balls, keychains, fidget spinners, and magnetic calendars. Think of your target audience and what would be useful to them during this time and place. 

Relevance of now would seem to be items such as first aid kits, mobile device accessories, masks, hand sanitizer, etc. Items that are necessary in today’s world and show that your brand is interested in keeping them safe is a win/win in promotional product selection. 

These factors listed will help start you on the right path in choosing the promotional product that is best for your business. Remember, you want the product that carries your brand to represent how your customers and the rest of the business world views your company. Choose wisely.