Chatbot Solution for Shop Owners With Online Business

In 2007, Bill Gates said: “If your business is not on the internet, you are no longer in business”. This sentence mentions two important keywords: internet and business. So what is an online business, why is it so important, and what are the steps to implement it? Let’s find out.

If you are an online shop owner, especially a shop with many fan pages, you must have been offered chatbot services at least once. The “miracle” features such as increasing likes, shares, and increasing orders are offered by chabot providers to motivate you to sign up for their services. However, is the chatbot such a “miracle”? Should you spend a budget to learn and implement a chatbot solution for your online business? Let’s take a look at a few criteria to choose a chatbot for shop owners with many fan pages.

Limitations of Online Sales Channels

Like all emerging solutions, chatbots in online sales only become popular when proven to bring real value to shop owners. On the contrary, chatbots will only “sooner or later” and will be replaced by more effective solutions.

In fact, more and more online shops are using chatbots to increase sales and take care of customers more effectively. So, let’s look at why chatbots from an emerging technology have become an indispensable tool for today’s online shop owners.

In a recent study based on the feedback of more than 1000 customers with online shopping habits about the problems they face with sales channels such as Facebook, Telesale, Website, Email with the question: What bothers you when shopping through online sales channels?

The results that the researchers got were:

  • More than a third of respondents said that they have difficulty finding the information they need;
  • About 34% of respondents feel uncomfortable with lengthy, complicated and confusing warranty and after-sales policies;

From this result, the researchers came to the conclusion that the way stores interact with users through online sales channels are lacking the necessary clarity and relevance. The main reason is that shops with thin staff, lack of training are unable to provide customers with information about products and services. This makes customers frustrated and easily switch to buying products and services of competitors.

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Chatbot: the key to changing the game

To solve the problem of lack of sales closing resources and effective customer care, online shop owners are gradually looking to chatbot solutions like 13chats, SendPulse to increase revenue and customer experience.

According to a recent statistic, there are more and more scenarios where chatbots can participate in supporting shop owners. For example, 35% of shop owners use chatbots to resolve customer complaints and support requests. While about 33% of hotel and restaurant owners use chatbots to confirm table reservations and reservations for guests.

Based on this information, chatbots are playing an increasingly important role in the sales process as well as customer care of many shop owners. This has also proven the effectiveness that chatbots bring in business with business owners. So, whether you are a restaurant or hotel owner or just a mom who sells online, try researching chatbots to apply them right away.

Chatbot Is So Good, Then How Effective Is the Application?

Although widely applied and increasingly effective in online sales, chatbots still have certain limitations that not every shop owner can apply effectively.

Another recent statistic shows, 43% of online shoppers say they would rather interact with an authentic salesperson than a chatbot. Meanwhile, another 27% consider the fact that chatbots are limited to the Facebook platform as a barrier. Most of these customers are uncomfortable when the shop owner knows the personal information about his social network account.

From the above results, the researchers believe that shop owners should apply the following solutions to ensure that chatbots can serve a wide range of customers.

  • Always ask guests if they want to interact with real staff right away;
  • Deploy cross-platform chatbot on facebook, whatsapp, telegram to meet customer needs;
  • Use lots of emotional words in autoresponders;

Advanced chatbot services can ensure these things for shop owners to be confident that their chatbot can effectively serve 43% of customers who want to interact with real people and 57% of customers who want to interact with chatbots. Not only that, the shop owner also has the ability to expand the customer base to users who do not want to reveal social network information.

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Support Mobile Apps

Nowadays, smartphones are almost everyone’s inseparable object. Especially for online shop owners, smartphones are almost like fishing rods to help shop owners easily interact with customers quickly, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, an effective chatbot platform needs to support mobile applications.

With a mobile application for chatbots, shop owners can not only set up a chatbot but also respond to messages, close orders, and make orders for easy shipping. Nearly every chatbot on the market ignores this need of eCommerce businesses, only supporting interaction on the web. Understanding this need, 13chats pioneered to create mobile apps that support Android platform. With the mobile app, interacting with customers anytime, anywhere is no longer too difficult. Not only that, shop owners can also make orders with just a few taps on the mobile app anywhere.

Final Thought

Although this article only stops at a very general level of understanding what an online business is, it is extremely important content as a foundation. Today Tech Media hopes that through this article, it will partly help you gain basic knowledge about marketing automation tools like chatbots, as well as tools to support businesses on the journey of digital transformation.

Only when you clearly understand the purpose and reason, imagine it is not as daunting as you initially thought, you are going to proceed to deploy and develop your business to achieve more success. Good luck!

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