Top 8 Reasons Why People Love to Buy and Use Apple Products

There is no doubt that Apple is one of the most innovative and sophisticated brands on the planet. It is a world leader when it comes to technology products and the same can be reflected in its profits, sales figures and revenues. 

The constant push to become a world leader in the field of global technology has not been easy. The company has gone through several difficulties and its phenomenal success can be attributed to a short span of time. Many divide Apple’s legacy to a period they term as- ‘Before iPhone’ and ‘After iPhone’. 

In this article, we are going to look at the top eight reasons why people love to buy and use Apple products. We will also briefly look at Apple the company, and the lasting impression that one of the world’s leading visionaries, Steve Jobs had on it. 

Apple, the Brand and Steve Jobs, the Leader

There is a reason why Apple is where it is. The people who have taken the brand and made it reach the zenith are the ones who have never compromised. This means that Apple is one of the closest tech products you will come to in search of perfection. 

This is not only in terms of the technology, but also in terms of the design, marketing, tech support, evolution, product line, software advancements and many other verticals. 

Steve Jobs unending quest to create a line of tech products, which are perfect for humankind ushered in a new wave of tech and aesthetic advancements. Steve Jobs always strived towards making Apple products works-of-art. 

Pick up your normal MacBook and see the design and you are sure to be blown away with the intricate details, the fine lines, the quality, etc. This stands true for every Apple product- iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, Apple Watch and others. 

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Top 8 Reasons People Buy and Use Apple devices: The List

  1. The Longevity Factor-

Apple products and devices last for a long period. This is because Apple ensures the best hardware and software goes into making every device, no matter where it sits on the price range. Very rarely are you going to come across problems or check in with the tech support and enter problems like- fix Mac not turning on. Apple products last several years comfortably. 

  1. The Aesthetic Factor-

Apple devices look as though some Renaissance artist has sculpted them. The details, finesse, curves and lines make Apple devices look at home in museums and photo galleries. Technology does not have to be beautiful to be functional. However, Apple has literally turned this on its head and forced other manufacturers to step up their design and quality game. 

  1. The Technology Factor-

There is a reason why Apple is considered a world leader in technology. iPhones’ camera revolutionised the cell phone camera forever. Likewise, Apple’s software updates are flawless, effortless and expose the user to the best and most advanced tech performances in the industry. The robust and skilled nature of hardware software integration makes Apple a true tech giant. 

  1. The Support Factor-

Walk into any Apple store and you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of information Apple sales representatives possess. They might seem as more advanced than software engineers in most cases might. Apple works hard to provide fantastic tech support to its users. The calls work and connect, the emails are responded to and users get all questions answered. 

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  1. The Status Factor-

You start using an Apple product as a social status symbol. In many developing countries like India (one of Apple’s biggest markets), using an Apple product is a status symbol of sorts. People who have become successful in life, or belong to a certain class position are the ones who take to Apple devices and products, even though they might not have use for them. 

  1. The Functional Factor-

Apple products are benchmarks in the industry, in all product lines and categories. This is because the list of features and functions they possess makes life incredibly easy for the users. You will never feel the need to explore something else when you are using an Apple product or device. You have several preinstalled apps to choose from and you have the iStore for extras. 

  1. The Usability Factor-

Experts, reviewers and commentators always point out that MacOS and iOS are the most user-friendly operating systems ever. You are not bombarded with ads, all the tools and apps are where you need them, the interface is clean and easy and your work never suffers from lag, no matter what you are working on. Once you start using Apple, it is impossible to switch. 

  1. The Marketing Factor-

If there is one company who has taken branding and marketing to the next level, it is Apple. The brand invests heavily in creating the best branding efforts for its products and devices. Every iPhone campaign is an award-winning piece of advertising. Many people are blown away by Apple’s advertising and branding and want to associate with such a company. 


Apple is working on a tech strategy, where it feeds all your needs in a synchronised fashion. From your Apple watch to your iPhone, from your entertainment needs (iPad) to your work (MacBook), you will never want to walk out of the Apple ecosystem. 

There is a reason why Apple is so good and successful at what it does. It has tapped the pulse of the audiences and is making products, which they like and will always love. 

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