paid guest posting

Guest posting is one of the easiest ways of getting backlinks to your blog. Technically, there are just three steps involved – pitching the concept, getting approval from the blog owner and lastly, getting backlinks. Payment is a new concept in all of this, albeit valid from a logical point of view. The blogs, nowadays pay the guest post writer for the articles which is quite an improvement. Some sites are taking a different route to this with demanding payment for publishing the articles, instead.   

What is a paid guest posting?

As explained above the blogging sites offer money in exchange for the articles. Don’t think it can get you a hefty sum at the end of the month because getting the sites to notice you and getting their approval is a tedious task in itself. Most blogging sites barely notice you unless your website is A-class. Guest blogging, if you have ever tried doing it, is like a job in itself for which you hardly get paid. Therefore, even a little bit of money in return for all the labour seems like a great thing.

However, the most important thing about guest blogging is the backlinks rather than the money. If you go through some guest posting providing companies such as Guest Hike then you can get good backlinks at affordable rates. In actual, getting the attention of websites is difficult. In most cases, you end up working very hard for a couple of links at the best. In spite of guest posting being a difficult task, it is extremely sought-after because of the backlinking opportunity. 

The reason why some sites demand money

The current trend of some sites demanding money for publishing the articles is also logical because the bloggers get the benefit when the articles are published. Popular blogs get hundreds of requests for guest posting which allows then to pick and choose bloggers. No wonder people have to wait for the attention for ages before they get approved by the blog site owner. This practice of paying to get links is part of black-hat SEO technique. 

Quality remains the most important issue with these paid backlinks. So, you might just get a lot of low-end backlinks which will not do you any good in the end. Search engines can gauge the quality of the backlinks in a jiffy. Guest posting offering companies such as GuestHike ensures the best quality content. 

On the other hand, you might think that paying a bit of money for backlinks is a good deal.  Now the question is what is the assurance that you will be getting the backlinks for sure? Your blog might get published in the best blogging site ever but that still does not guarantee backlinks. So, your money might be wasted completely. That does not mean that you get discouraged because guest posting sure has a lot of benefits. As a website owner, you might find the practice quite beneficial. The brand and the website have to be extremely stable and enjoying a lot of positive viewer attention to actually benefit from the same.

Why are you guest posting?

Now, that money is involved without complete assurance whether you will get backlinks or not it is time to understand why you are blogging in the first place. 

Blogging for money makes you a paid writer actually. You might actually become a professional writer and join a freelancing gig for the money. Then you will have a job and a simple life unperturbed by links, traffics, etc. 

If you are not writing for money and want to create a name for yourself in the world of writing then you can even write a post for no money. However, you should get proper links and exposure for the same. The blogging site, on the other hand, should get quality content for their sites. It is a great situation where both parties are benefited. 

Some websites which take money for publishing the articles consider themselves too classy and sometimes do not even bother to return the amounts if the articles are not published. It is these websites that defame the guest posting scenario. Otherwise, if the website of the stature of Forbes asks for money in return of publishing the article people will pay happily. 

Benefits of guest posting

  • Apart from backlinking, a guest posting helps you in establishing authority in a particular subject and encourages you to apply your authority. It improves the authenticity of the blogs and encourages readers to resort to your blogs for reference. 
  • Regular guest posting improves social networking skills. People get to know about your skill. Since the posts are posted across different platforms, people post comments on the blogs and you get a perspective of other people as well. It helps you to improve your quality of writing according to demand. 
  • Guest posting allows you to create a branding and niche of your own. You can carve a place for yourself in the world of blogging and have your own set of readers who will be your core followers.