Campus hiring has become a preferred choice for many companies these days. It is evolving as the most acceptable method to fill in new openings in the organization with budding talent found in colleges and universities. But to systemize the lengthy process of campus hiring one needs to integrate a tool that makes the procedure less tiring and more of convenient. 

OMR software has long been used in various industries to design, read and scan OMR tests, forms and any other type of OMR sheets. Its vast functionalities have made its utility far reached and suitable for conducting offline tests on a larger basis. Because of its profound features and suitability to carry out large scale offline assessments it is becoming a much acceptable source in campus hiring. 

OMR Software And Its Benefits In Campus Hiring

During campus hiring recruiters go to different colleges and gather a huge quantity of applications which are difficult to chart out. The optical mark recognition software is the most efficient tool to counter this drawback of campus hiring. A look at its features and how they are beneficial to carry out this process will give you a brighter picture of why OMR software is the much needed asset in the campus hiring process. 

Easy Designing & Printing Of Variety Of Omr Sheets-

During the bulk hiring process variety of forms and tests are created. The sheet designing functionality of software helps in following manner:

  • Design OMR sheets using variety of free inbuilt tools and templates. 
  • Design as many sheets as you want.
  • Customize the sheets according to the rows and columns and number of sections required. 
  • Create OMR sheets in 4 types of colors- red, blue, green and orange.
  • Design sheet on any size of paper such as A4 and legal.
  • OMR sheet printing can be done using any normal printer with complete accuracy. 
  • No requirement of any special paper that has got cutting marks. 

Accurate Scanning And Reading Of Omr Sheets

One of the biggest reason why Automate method is preferred over manual methods of campus hiring is the level of accuracy that comes with automation. To go through so many applications and tests can be a horrendous task if done by conventional methods and so the features of OMR software stands out in this respect

  • Any normal flatbed/ADF/MFP scanner can be used to scan unlimited bubble sheet and forms without any hassle or lag. 
  • All types of OMR sheets can be easily read right from traditional to that of made on plain paper and even the photocopy.
  • Unlimited number of question paper sets can be processed during the reading of sheets.
  • It automatically identifies error file and re-reads the data with complete accuracy.
  • It crops the pre-defined areas from the OMR sheets while reading, such as signature, photograph, date, etc.
  • During the sheet reading process the fields on the sheet that are specified as mandatory gets highlighted. 
  • In the process of OMR sheet printing and scanning the 1D and 2D barcodes can be easily generated, printed and scanned. 
  • It can identify duplicate forms, fields and even records which make it easy to extract error from the final obtained data. 

Comprehensive Evaluation And Reporting

The last and most important task of on campus hiring is to accumulate exact data that is well classified and comprehensible. The data evaluation and sorting features of optical mark recognition software are accurate, easy to understand and delivers optimum accuracy

  • Extracts exact data out of the bubble sheet without any fault or error. 
  • The extracted data can be classified and sorted under various sections and columns.
  • The reporting system is comprehensive and gives elaborate classification that is easy to comprehend.
  • The data can be stored in form of files which can be referred any time in the future to compare or analyze.

Bulk campus hiring is no doubt a very tedious task but with all the benefits of OMR software it gets easily done. OMR software brings a systemized approach to the hiring process, makes it simple and efficient as well as eliminates all sorts of drawbacks that are a part of manual process.


OMR software for campus hiring is the best tool that one can use for hiring process. It comes with multiple benefits that too at cost effective price which also makes it easy to afford. Its robust and flexible functionalities accompanied with customizable features make it a one of a kind campus hiring solution.