How New QR Codes on Facebook Pages Can Be a Benefit?
How New QR Codes on Facebook Pages Can Be a Benefit?

QR codes are not a new thing to us. If you ever have booked movie tickets online, you will see that a QR code is given to you by showing which you are allowed to enter the auditorium. So, Facebook has recently added new QR code option for pages to make those more authentic and original. There are millions of pages on Facebook. Not all gets approved by the admin to run adds, or any other business related promotions. The lack of authenticity of the pages is the one and only reason behind this. This QR code option allows you to put an original stamp on your Facebook page. Before discussing about the benefits of this added feature of Facebook, let us know what QR codes are:

QR Codes- What Are These?

To define it in a simple possible way, QR codes  are a trademark of a type of matrix barcode. It is a machine readable optical label which has the information about the item attached to it. The emergence of these QR codes first came up in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan.

Later, when the importance of quick response increased day by day, different other industries started using QR codes. Every industry is now using this feature to make the quick response thing more popular. Therefore, it can be said that in 2019, QR codes has a significant role to play in every technological up gradation. Now, let us know the benefits of Facebook QR codes for pages.

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How Facebook QR Codes for Pages Are Helpful?

The feature was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong that the Facebook QR codes for pages allows the page managers to create a range of scannable QR images for their pages in various formats. This is an amazing feature as they can now create images and post them with a scan code. This ensures the safety of the images that can get violated if there is no copyright mark on those photos.

Apart from that, the page managers are also allowed to take a lot of actions. Some of those are discussed below:

•             The code can automatically like the page on user’s behalf

•             It can check in to your business location

•             It can connect to a recommendation screen for the page

•             It can also check out your ‘view offers’ listing on your page

•             It can connect to a review page

This initiative was taken last year by this leading social media platform. Facebook started testing out a new ‘QR Rewards’ Program which can enable Pages to use specific codes for products. The managers can have these codes linked to the people’s Facebook account.

QR codes can enable brands to better link their online ad efforts with offline results. Each time a user utilizes a QR code that is a clear result of the Facebook campaign. This will also increase the usage of Facebook camera and boost the Facebook Stories feature as well. QR codes are also helps to Facebook Messenger for business. Popping up ads on Facebook Stories is the best way to bring in customers.

However, you may still be in confusion about the benefit of this feature for any online business. Let us simplify it more for you.

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How a Business Page can be benefitted from QR Codes:

•             Increase traffic to your Facebook Page- You can print out QR codes on posters, flyers or even in brochures to invite customers. When you put forward any lucrative offer to your customers and ask them to scan the code in order to avail it, more traffic is definitely ensured in your website.

•             Improves social media visibility- If you use QR codes on advertising your products on Facebook, consumers automatically get engaged. The friends and family of the customers who get engaged with your posts also get notified. When they need to visit your page, you can enable a scan option of the code and bring organic customers who genuinely want to visit the page.

•             Facebook recommendation program- QR codes scan will also allow the followers to rate your page and recommend them to others. Therefore, this feature is quite a beneficial one for the business page managers in Facebook.

•             Creating viral campaign with QR codes- You can leverage QR codes to make your post go viral within minutes. Check out the easy ways to do so:

•             Create your Facebook post with compelling images and videos

•             Upload the post and copy the URL

•             Paste the URL into the QR code generator

•             Customize your QR codes with colors and add your business logo

•             Download it and share it over email, SMS and social media

The more click on the QR code the more your post gets viral without even asking to share it.

•             Facebook Messenger QR Codes for Pages- When a shopper asks you something, you need to reply to it instantly. Therefore, Facebook QR codes ask you to create a separate chat box for the customers. Customers need to scan particular QR codes for interacting in the chat box. They can enquire about business hours, availability of the product, price and many more.

QR codes are the best way to store data and make the work easy for the businessmen. Therefore, the new Facebook pages QR codes are happening for the page managers. You can store every data starting from business information to special posts.

QR codes make your work much easier. Now, business profiles and pages on Facebook can bring organic customers who definitely want to be a member of the page. Apart from that, every marketing campaign can be more popular than expected. So do you have a business page on Facebook? Get started with QR codes today.

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