A Beginner's Guide to Furniture Removal

It’s very important when you want to get rid of old furniture or wood laying around your house. One can either decide to remove the furniture by themselves or rather involve the experts. If you’re interested in the latter, you can easily find a team for furniture removal.

Furniture removal has to be done carefully to avoid damage to furniture such as untreated wood that can be recycled. If the removal involves spaces like the office which has large furniture, then it is important to first take inventory of the items you want to get rid of. Here are a few tips that are important when you want to do such removals:

Create Inventory for Furniture Removal

Inventory is very important during a renovation. This is because it normally helps you separate the furniture for removal and the one that is staying in the house or at the workplace. Having an inventory helps in an organized approach and a detailed plan that can help make the removal process a little faster and more efficient.  

This creates an easy time during your furniture removal. If you are handling a removal by yourself, especially at home, you will need to select only the furniture that you are getting rid of and put them on one side. This is so that you get to know which side of the house you are working on. The same applies to dealing with office renovation. Inventory is very important as it also acts as a packing list. It enables you to know what furniture is where and which furniture you’ll dispose of. This is because they will all have a label for easy work.

Price of Old Furniture

While making the inventory for the furniture, you should have the worth of the furniture that is going off the property. Some of the furniture removal companies buy the furniture by deducting the cost from the moving services. Knowing your furniture’s worth is very important. This is because you’re able to know how much more you will be able to spend on getting new furniture. Or rather just knowing its worth in the current market value is important for the removal process.

State of the Furniture

During furniture removal, it is important to differentiate the types of wood making up the furniture. We do have two types of wood: treated and untreated. The treated wood cannot go for recycling, as they have gone through some type of treatment. That’s why in their final state, they can only be used as couches, ottomans, and even Chester beds. Then we have the untreated woods which can go for recycling. They help to make other forms of furniture such as tables, stools, and other indoor furniture. If there’s furniture that cannot go for recycling, then it is, therefore, taken care of by donating to charitable organizations. You can also give to shelter homes.

Rent a Roll-off Dumpster

Dumpster rentals are available country-wide. During furniture removal, this is one of the fastest ways to get rid of furniture. Once complete, set aside the furniture for disposal. Choose the right size of dumpster that can accommodate all your furniture. Set aside a date and time for the rental dumpster and fill it with every piece of furniture you want to remove. Later, they’ll come to pick it up after the cleanout.

Hire Furniture Removal Services

Furniture removal can be quite hard if dealing with very heavy and large pieces of furniture. One can always hire a professional to do all the heavy lifting for them. Hiring a removal company is the best option because the removers ensure the pieces of furniture end in the right place. The companies that deal with the removal ensure that it is safe and eco-friendly. You don’t have to worry about the furniture. If there are good ones, then they go to charitable organizations. While the bad ones end up in a recycling facility. For the furniture pieces that are going out for donation or given to charity, ensure you clean them first and label them.

Curb Services

During furniture removal, you will realize that you actually don’t have large pieces of furniture to get rid of. That’s where curbing them away comes into the picture. You can pile them at the curb and contact a local garbage company. They may actually charge for picking up the large furniture on selected days. At times, you might get lucky and people may see the furniture by the road and pick it up themselves. Then they can go and refurbish it for personal use, or later sell it.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a furniture removal company is always the safest method of getting rid of furniture from your apartment or place of work. It makes room for new furniture and also gives a person insight to upgrade the appearance of their spaces. The above are tips that can guide you whenever you are ready to take that step and remove that furniture in your home or office.