Which is the best open source IP Address Management Tool (IPAM)?

The software for managing IP addresses tracks what’s on your network, how they are configured, and when they are changing. 

It is advisable that an enterprise should always use open source IP address management tools to help allocate IP addresses, track and hold them. For its customer, there are a number of IP Address Management tools available to avoid any mistake. Are you looking for the best IP tracking software for effective operation and network integrity?

1. OpUtils

For centralizing IP address administration, IPAM includes IPV4 and IPV6 address management. The IPAM utility scans a subnet and gives the status of the IP address available. The whole network is scanned to determine IP Address status.

OpUtils IPAM’s features are as follows:

  • Integration of Active Directory
  • The sight of the Hierarchy Tree
  • Details to finish
  • Scanning Flexible
  • Powerful notification of search and alarm

2. SpiceWork:

This tool helps manage all IP Addresses on your network and this network monitoring and management tool is free of charge. Spiceworks great characteristics are: –

  • Fixes for problem-solving
  • Software for Asset Management
  • Powerful tools for management

3. Solarwinds:

Solarwinds is an open-source IP address management software that is straightforward and easy to operate at a small price. SolarWinds key characteristics are:-

  • Address Automatic IP
  • Integrate notifications and problem-solving reports with DHCP and DNS
  • IP info and follow-up

4. Nipap

Nipap is Ip address management software for open source handling a huge number of IP addresses. Before installing, see the installation instructions. Below are major characteristics of Nipap: –

  • Superb interface, easy to use
  • Documentation
  • Open source and fast
  • IPV6 support

5. Mirat.ai:

Mirat is an automated, modern and customized IT management tool that offers a range of seamlessly integrated task modules for effective monitoring and execution. 

Its features are as follows: 

  • Customized options
  • Demo available on the website
  • Use-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Pricing plan offers single modules and packages