Smart Ways to Increase Mobile App Download Rate

According to recent statistics, mobile apps will be able to generate $189 billion revenue by 2020. There are over 2.2 million apps which are available for download on the Apple Store, whereas the average individual uses at least 30 apps per month. The mobile app market is expanding more rapidly than ever before. Right from sending text messages to ordering your favorite food, mobile apps have become extensions of our everyday lives.

However, it is a considerable challenge to develop a mobile app which can stay in the user’s device without being uninstalled. Entertainment, travel, and productivity are some of the top mobile app categories that are more often uninstalled. So how do we ensure that those who install your mobile apps do not uninstall it for a long time?

Follow some of the methods which we’ve considered below to boost up your mobile app download rate:

App Store Optimization:

App Store Optimization allows your app to gain visibility across app stores so that users can get to view and download them easily. Use ASO techniques to get your app noticed, such as using relevant keywords in your app description. This works like SEO for search engines, and the only difference is the use of short-tail keywords. Instead of long-tail keywords, users tend to look for short-tail keywords.

Use catchy designs and unique name for your app and make sure to choose the right category before submitting your app.

Tips to enhance your mobile app download rate

·        Use a unique and narrative app description

Every user wants to know about your app story and understand their features and how it may be useful to them. Using a summary can help provide a story of your app and convincing them about using your app regularly. Emphasize on creating an elaborate description of your app so that users are enticed to download your app.

·        Reduce your app size

There could be plenty of reasons why your users may not be downloading your app. If you have more significant size apps, there are chances your users may be discouraged from using your app. This is because there might be limited space for storing an additional app. Most of the devices already have essential apps for messaging, social networking, news, music, travel, etc. 

It’s better to reduce the size of your app to minimize the complexity so that users might want to download it easily.

·        Boost your app security

Security is yet another vital feature which users might look at before downloading any app. A code signing certificate can be a useful way for protecting app integrity for app publishers and help in improving the download rate. Code signing SSL certificate assures users that the software is not harmful and safe to download. They help to secure code and are verified by leading security company such as Comodo.

·        Choose an interesting app name

You can create a lasting impression on your visitors by choosing a catchy name that grabs their attention. The app name which you select needs to be memorable and creative to engage your target audience. This can help to boost your mobile website conversion rates and increase your app download rate as well. 

·        Create app screenshots and demo videos

It doesn’t take much time to download an app, but for most users, it may be useful to get a snapshot of the app and get quick information on how it works. They may want to know about the unique features of the app using fast demo videos that can give them a sneak peek before downloading it. 

·        Get user recommendations

User reviews with star ratings and social proofs can be great testimonials from your customers who have used your app. They can help in providing a realistic view of your app and what users feel about it. Also, it allows developers to address critical deficiencies in your app and improve them. 

·        Ask for fewer permissions

Most apps require many permissions such as camera, storage, controls, and asking users to give permissions may distract them. Most users are aware of the risks involved in granting approvals for their data and device. They want to make sure that the app collects the minimum necessary information. 

·        Get your app featured on app review sites

Most of the users learn about apps that they download by reading blogs. Thus, you own blog on the leading site along with third-party app review will make a mention of your blog. By reading reviews, customers will be more confident in downloading your app. 

·        Respond to user reviews

Users will tend to download an app if they find it useful and get positive reviews. But if there are any negative reviews, then it’s essential to address them thoroughly to provide a better experience to the users and show greater interest in providing them with solutions. If there are any complaints, try to resolve them as quickly as possible. 


There are millions of mobile apps that are available for download in the market. But to ensure maximum downloads, you need to make your apps more convincing, interesting and provide proper security. You must make your app user-friendly and offer a positive experience to increase your mobile app downloads.