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Technology has evolved to make more and more tasks easier and create new levels of productivity. Our devices are connected, and we can share information in seconds. New technologies have helped people stay closer to what they want by giving them access to the information they need without visiting different websites and wasting their time on things that don’t interest them.

Look at how many options there are for online shopping now. You find just about anything online, from shoes to furniture to even babysitting services. This only serves to highlight how much technology has changed the way people consume products and services. It has also irrevocably altered how companies approach brand awareness today.

In this article, we will show you how brands use technology to help increase awareness.

Connect Across Platforms

Social media marketing has become the new norm for both businesses and consumers. By connecting your business across all social media platforms, you can expand your market reach. This allows you to learn more about your audience and their expectations. You can tailor your brand and marketing campaigns to fit the needs of your target market and appeal to their beliefs, values, and motivations. 

No single platform is perfect for every type of brand. Some brands do better on Instagram while others succeed on YouTube, and still, others have a great experience on Twitter or Snapchat. There are online tools specifically designed to help you measure and track how your brand is doing. These tools can help you identify what your brand needs to change to find success. 

Understanding what works best for your brand is imperative. 

Social Media Influencers

Getting the right people to help promote your business is crucial to making you stand out among the rest of your competitors. From a marketing perspective, influencers will help you connect with people who share similar interests and increase brand awareness. 

Just by sharing customer experience and uploading videos that show the beauty of your products, millions of people are reached in the blink of an eye. Influencers use Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram to share their unboxing experiences and product reviews in video form. 

These videos are appealing because they are designed to get people excited about a new product and allow consumers to feel like they are in the process of discovery. These types of videos are great for showing the best parts of your business. Showcasing custom product packaging during unboxing experiences or providing your social media followers with a sneak peek of new products can help boost brand awareness. 

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Why Your Brand Should Invest in Unboxing Campaigns

Photo by La Miko from Pexels

Photo by La Miko from Pexels

People want to see what’s inside a package before they buy. Many conversations about certain products are sparked because of unboxing videos. That’s because people are always eager to see what they get for their money. In the past couple of years, the number of people taking part in unboxing content has significantly increased. As a result, it’s become one of the most popular forms of social media marketing. 

On YouTube, the number of unboxing videos has nearly quadrupled in the past year alone. On Instagram, one of the biggest trends in fashion influencers who share their unboxing experiences and help people make purchases on their channel. They show your brand in a good light and can even provide an insight into the product itself. In addition, they make a statement about the quality of your products. 

How To Execute an Excellent Unboxing Campaign

Getting creative with packaging and making an unboxing box has many advantages; it will help you stand out from your competitors. It will create a certain image for your brand or a particular taste or feeling. When people watch the video, you want to show them how your product is different from others and why they should buy it. 

You want to create an unboxing video that is interesting, helpful, and memorable. You want to make sure that you ask questions about the product, and your customers will be able to see how well your product works as soon as they open the package. Your potential customers will enjoy learning about it and getting excited about using it.

People love to see what is unique about your brand and what they can only get if they buy your product. You cannot just put your logo on everything and expect customers to gravitate towards you. A good unboxing video needs a creative and interesting setup, a few people taking part in the video, and some informative facts about the product itself.


With new technologies, the way we interact on social media has changed dramatically, allowing us to connect like never before. The key to success is implementing the right strategies on social media. Connect across platforms, get creative, and track your progress so you can see how social media marketing helps with brand awareness. With the power of influencer marketing in our hands, you can win over your target audience and build a stronger brand. 

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