Social Media Apps

Social media is the platform which is designed under the source of website and applications that efficiently enables the users to curate and share content to participate in social networking. Social media is internet based and gives the users quick electronic communication of content.

The purpose of social media in business is to attract, engage and retain the customers. Each and every business is familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Digital marketing Classes in Pune is one of the best sources to learn the internal operations about social media to accomplish small businesses on the digital platform.

The best social media sites for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Facebook is best for all businesses to gain visibility and engage with new and existing customers. Twitter is best for businesses that target a large tech-savvy audience with bite-sized information. LinkedIn profile is best for B2B businesses, for those who are interested in targeting or hiring educated professionals. The Instagram platform is best for B2C businesses that are interested in publishing visually engaging and story-driven contents in videos and photos. YouTube is best for both B2B and B2C businesses whose products and services lend them to informational videos or visual appeal.

Google My Business is best for Brick and mortar businesses that want to show up in Google Search and Map results. Yelp is a social media that is best for businesses that would benefit from positive online reviews and higher search results in Google. Foursquare is a social platform that is best for Brick and mortar businesses that want to build a viral social presence and higher customer ratings. Pinterest is a social site that is best for consumer-focused brands marketing to females and wanting to share the information in an aesthetic way. Snapchat is a social media application that brands with a largely millennial audience whose messaging skews spontaneous and fun.

Businesses looking for the best social media sites typically look for an engaging way to promote their brand and interact with the current and future customers. We at digital marketing Courses in Mumbai have come up with a few criteria by which the best social media sites are figured out. 

The criteria are:

  • Cost
  • Popularity or reach
  • Audience
  • Suitability for small businesses
  • Features for advanced use
  • Ease of use
  • Geographical targeting

Cost: Need to be free of charge

Popularity or reach: Sites with millions of active users

Audience: Different businesses cater to different customer segments, and it’s important to identify the social media platforms where the ideal customer interacts

Suitability for small businesses: Ones who have proven track record of effectiveness with small business.

Features for advanced use: Some social media sites have opportunities for greater engagement, such as paid ads and boosted posts, which can be beneficial for small businesses.

Ease of use: The selected sites have widespread acceptance, making it easy for small business owners to learn and use.

Geographical targeting: Because many small businesses have a geographical focus, social media sites that allow geo targeting are selected.



Type of Audience: General audience

What to share: Business news, products, announcements, articles and more.

Monthly traffic: 2.2 billion

Recommended post frequency: 3-7 times a week.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media site. It should be a part of any business’s marketing effort because of its size and effectiveness.

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LinkedIn is the ultimate social media site made for professionals and businesses. It is also a place where Business to Business (B2B) professionals network, make sales and become thought leaders. 

Type of audience: Professionals in any industry

What to share: Updates about your business’s activity, links to interesting or relevant content

Traffic: 500 million users with LinkedIn accounts

Recommended post frequency: 1-4 times per week

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It is ideal social media site for business whose target audience consists of tech savvy customers who want information in bite sized chunks.

Type of audience: Tech-savvy users spanning the age spectrum

What to share: Time-sensitive updates, business information, shout-outs and retweets

Monthly site traffic: 275 million

Recommended post frequency: 1-3 times per day

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It is an effective platform of choice for business that carter to millennial customers.

Type of audience: Urban and suburban millennials with a slight female skew

What to share: Eye-catching visuals, product photographs, events, people and behind-the-scenes stories

Monthly traffic: 800 million

Recommended post frequency: 3-5 posts per week, 1-15 stories per day

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It is well suited to businesses that carter to consumers.

Type of audience: General consumers seeking entertainment or doing general research

What to share: Informational, educational or entertaining videos

Site traffic: 1.57 billion monthly active users plus 3 billion searches per month

Recommended post frequency: 1-3 videos per week

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Google My Business

GMB is Google’s business directory which allows the business to appear on Google maps. It is the world’s largest business directory.

Type of audience: Any Google users searching for any types of local businesses or service

What to share: Create a thorough profile for your business

Monthly site traffic: Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day

Recommended post frequency: Not applicable


It is a local business directory and search site that allows customers to provide ratings and recommendations based on their experience.

Type of audience: Customers recommending, dining at or shopping at local establishments

What to share: Build a full profile and to keep business information up to date and consistent

Monthly site traffic: 170 million visitors monthly

Recommended post frequency: Not applicabl


It is a social media app for the purpose of checking in locations like restaurants and stores. It is ideal for brick and mortar businesses who want more visibility.

Type of audience: Customers wanting to visit popular or trendy locations and share socially

What to share: Build a complete and consistent business profile

Monthly site traffic: 50 million users

Recommended post frequency: Not applicable


It is the social media platform of choice for businesses that carter to a primarily female customer base.

Type of audience: Millennial and middle-aged females with disposable income

What to share: Recipes, wardrobe, design, deco, organizational and craft ideas

Monthly site traffic: 175 million

Recommended post frequency: 1-5 times per week


Snapchat is a multimedia app that allows individuals and brands to send videos, text, and selfies with filters to friends or groups. Snaps are impermanent, which creates a story-like flow to the messages.

Type of audience: Millennials (85% of Snapchat’s users are between the ages of 18 and 34)

What to share: Daily activities, tips and tricks, updates, behind the scenes videos and selfies

Site traffic: 187 million daily active users

Recommended post frequency: 1-10 times daily

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